Beata Mosór-Szyszka, Co-Founder & Managing Partner in Project – People & Project – Values & CEO, Hermes & Partner

Beata is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder & managing partner of Project: People and Project: Values, and CEO of Hermes & Partner cooperatives.  



“Start with Strategy”

The Brand Called You welcomes Ms. Beata Mosór Szyszka from Krakow! Beata is an entrepreneur with experience in Marketing. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner in Project: People & Project: Values. And she is the CEO of Hermes and Partner. Beata talks about her journey into the marketing field and the milestones she has achieved on the way! In conversation with Ashutosh Garg, Beata talks about her venture, Project: People and Project: Values. Which is a lean strategy agency that supports startups and businesses to redefine their marketing strategy. She explains the process and the advantages that the clients receive by following her procedure. She talks about the role of technology in the marketing field. And how it has changed the face of strategic communications. Beata also shares an example of one of her clients and how she helped them grow their business with a strong marketing plan. Beata is a strong believer in strategy. She talks about the basic mistakes startup entrepreneurs make. And how working with startup entrepreneurs has a positive impact on her own work!


Beata is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder & managing partner of Project: People and Project: Values, and CEO of Hermes & Partner cooperatives. She is also an investor at ProEco Leaders Foundation, co-author of The LiGHT Book (together with et al. Phillip Zimbardo, Robert Cialdini), and the author of diverse tools (e.g. Values Poker, Lean Marketing Sprint). Beata is a strategist, marketer, and lean consultant with over 14 years of experience in the international market. She has cooperated with companies such as Sabre, T-Mobile, and Google. She shares her knowledge and experience as a mentor in acceleration programs (like EIT Digital, Google LaunchPad), and as a lecturer at Tischner European University & WSB University in Gdańsk.

Project: People is a lean strategy agency that Beata established together with Joanna Ostafin. The company gained more than 160 clients from 16 countries in just 4 years (2016-2020), has 18 people on board, and achieves impressive growth of 200% Y2Y. Beata built the females-first organization, where ~60-75% of team members are women. She is also open to investing in female businesses with vision. As a speaker, Beata performs at Polish and international conferences (e.g. Lean Startup Days Paris, VC night by Viva Technology, Open Living Lab, Product Marketing Summit London).

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