Deepankar Sanwalka, India Advisory Leader, PWC India

Deepankar Sanwalka, a Chartered Accountant by profession has had over 25 years of experience as a business leader with numerous international recognitions attributed to his name. On completing his CA exams, he chose to start his practice instead of taking up the offers he got from the corporate world because of his love for interacting with people and networking. Here, he talks about how the needs of the corporate world have changed along with the changing expectations of auditors in light of the various shifts that have taken place in terms of economic power, technology and demographics. He gives insights from a time when his organisation faced various disruptions and how keeping up with the innovations and constantly reinventing yourself to relevance is the only way forward. Moreover, he talks about the importance of trust in an organisation and the overall work culture that it helps you build. Tune in to learn more about how his organisation grew from a firm that just did audits to an organisation that now provides advisory services and tax consultation and the responsibility of promoters and directors of any company to disseminate the right information.

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