Dilshad Master, Director, Outward Bound India-Himalaya

Dilshad Master did her master’s in communication management from Michigan State University, has had over 20 years of experience in media and entertainment, has successfully beaten and survived breast cancer and went on to trek up to the Everest Base Camp and Siachen Glacier. While working with media, she has worked with some of the big names such as STAR, National Geographic, History Channel and UTV and launched ZEE Cinemas. She gives immense insight into what it’s been like to work in media and how that media and its consumption have changed dramatically in some areas, while as in some aspects, it is the same as it was in the 90s. Post her stint in media and after beating cancer, she began trekking and has been to almost all the main peaks in an itinerant’s wishlist. She currently runs an active travel organisation and plans treks for people all over the country so that they too can experience mountains in the best way possible. Here, she talks about the importance of constantly growing yourself and changing your job and even career every once in a while. From her personal experience with cancer, she talks about the importance of paying attention to the early signs and the importance of taking care of yourself and building yourself back and why self-pity at all times needs to be ignored. Tune in to find out much, much more!

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