Dmitriy V Zavodovskiy, Experienced trouble shooter. Positive company culture creator

Dmitriy V Zavodovskiy, Experienced trouble shooter. Positive company culture creator

Dmitriy V Zavodovskiy, Experienced troubleshooter. Positive company culture creator

Operational efficiency professional, experienced trouble shooter, positive organizational culture creator



Organisations with a positive culture have an advantage over those without one. There are obvious reasons for this. One that such organisations attract more people to work there because of their good reputation. And second, when a company has a positive culture, it has a clear vision as well and thus is able to attract the right kind of people who will take the company to the next level because they know what they are looking to achieve there. 

Today, we are delighted to welcome Dmitriy V on TBCY to talk about culture, why it’s important and how an organisation can build a positive culture. Also, be ready to get some insights from his experience. 

About Dmitriy V Zavodovskiy

Dmitriy is an experienced troubleshooter, a positive company culture creator, an Ex- CEO of two international joint venture companies in Russia.


How to turn a company culture to make it more productive?

Dmitriy says that the company first needs to understand why it needs culture to become productive. Many companies don’t need any change in their culture whereas it becomes important to work on creating a culture when there is some change in the vision of the company as it can make or break the way it works. 

“If you as the owner of the company think nothing about culture, culture will anyway be created, but by someone else.”

How does a young company or a startup entrepreneur develop a strong culture?

Dmitriy emphasises the importance of the leaders or the owners of a company to create their culture. He says that even when the leaders are not actively working to develop a culture, that itself is creating a culture that is against the company and its vision. Therefore, if you want to make progress in any area of your company, you should try to align your goals and your culture. 

He also advises measuring the improvement in culture by asking and reflecting on questions like whether or not people in the company trust their boss and so on. 

How can culture improve the productivity of an organisation?

Dmitry says it’s absolutely possible to increase the productivity of an organisation by improving the culture of the organisation. Suggestions should be welcomed in a company with an open mind. Also, it should regularly seek employees feedback and respond to the feedback they give in a timely manner. This will help bring people on your side and improve the culture of the company. 

What are the steps to change a company’s mindset?

The first step, says Dmitry, is to be aware of the current mindset of the company. Then decide the mindset they want to have. Once this is done, the company should find out the hidden leaders and ask them questions because the culture created by such hidden leaders usually works against the company.   

“If a company achieves a vision or goal and is left with no new vision or goal, the company’s culture will be crushed.”

Is it possible to measure culture within a company?

The way to measure a company’s culture is to see the change happening and measure the suggestions they are receiving from people. It is also possible to use a questionnaire to get feedback. As more and more people start trusting the leaders, it becomes evident that the culture has improved.


General Electric, Kaluga, Russia 02/2015- 04/2020

Plant Manager ………………….02/2015- 04/2020

EHS Leader GE RUS…………….05/2016- 04/2020

Inventory reduction leader…02/2018- 10/2018

As a part of Global repair service GEPTEC as multi-modal service center is providing repair service for different GE businesses. I reported to GRS General manager in Europe and EMIA and supervised the repair business in matrix type organization.

  • Productions growth 800% (2019 vs 2014)
  • 4x times cost saving in $/working hour (2019 vs 2014) 
  • The best shop in GE Power business from EHS point of view (2016) 
  • Average repair lead time decrease 50% (2019 vs 2018) 

JSC Severstal-Gonvarri-Kaluga, Kaluga, Russia 04/2011- 10/2014

CEO ………………………..04/2011- 10/2014

Severstal-Gonvarri-Kaluga is a multinational company with shares 50/50 of European #1 in Service metal center area company – Gonvarri and one of Russian leader in steel mills area- Severstal. 

I reported to the Board of Directors and shareholders representatives. 

As a CEO I had managed the rump-up stage of company, extension project, process improvement (System Production Gonvarri implementation – adapted to Steel Service centers TPS) and all other activities in the field of production, quality, sales, purchase, HR and logistic processes.

  • Implementation of Integrated management system (IMS) based on ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 16949
  • Working out and implementation changes in SAP based on Russian law requirements and Russian document forms and reports needed;
  • Tax risks minimization;
  • Production (2014 vs 2011) increased in 600%, EBITDA (2012) is 30% higher than budgeted.

JSC ZRGOO, Karelia, Russia 09/2009- 03/2011

Deputy CEO ………………………..09/2009- 04/2010

CEO………………………………………04/2010 -03/2011

ZRGOO is company that provides maintenance service works (excavators, drilling machines, pelletizing plant, mills, separators, heavy trucks etc.) and different kind of metallic works (welding, construction, repairing). I reported to the Board of Directors.

Total number of employees in company- 1015. (2011)

As a CEO I had managed all activities in the field of production, quality, sales, purchase, HR and logistic processes. 

  • Implementation of cost reduction plan to optimize all the costs in company;
  • All works with 2 trade unions (one if friendly- one not);
  • Start of implementation of regular management in company;
  • Working out monthly reporting system based on internal company standards;
  • Work with clients and start “client-oriented company” project and trainings;
  • Work with authorities to decrease possible risks from the technical point of view (technical Authority);
  • As a result, ZRGOO increase volumes in 35%, company started with negative EBITDA in 2009 and received positive EBITDA in 2010.

Karelsky okatysh, Karelia, Russia 05/1994- 09/2009

Director, Project Management…..10/2006- 09/2009

Director, Maintenance……………….06/2005- 10/2006

Chief of maintenance Division……12/2004- 06/2005

Deputy Chief Engineer……………….10/2001- 12/2004

Chief Engineer Cargo Trucks………10/2000- 10/2001

Mechanical engineer ….…………….05/1994- 10/2000

Karelsky okatysh is a part of Severstal-Holding. KO is mining and pelletizing company (iron ore) and has all stages of this process from mine till pelletizing plant).

  • Outsourcing processes (canteens, cleaning, maintenance). 
  • Project management Office implementation
  • Project Leader (Energy Savings project- 24 of 25 points were implemented, outsourcing projects)
  • Author of Articles in special Magazines about Project Management
  • The cost of cleaning decreased by 25%, reduced maintenance costs for various divisions from 9% to 17%.
  • Organization of all process equipment repairs. 
  • Work with all organizations on all questions concerning introduction of new technologies, repairs of the equipment, building and installation works. 
  • Monitoring of construction objects such as a factory for manufacturing of explosives. 
  • Monitoring of equipment modernization.
  • Planning of repairs, interaction with all departments of JSC. 
  • Drawing up of monthly business – plans of the plant and payment plans, drawing up of plans of modernizations of the company. 

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