Jonathan MacDonald, CEO, Potency World, Co-ordinator of The Mental Wellness Society

Jonathan MacDonald, CEO, Potency World, Co-ordinator of The Mental Wellness Society (1)

Jonathan MacDonald, CEO, Potency World, Co-ordinator of The Mental Wellness Society

Jonathan first learned about NLP whilst working for Yellow Pages and then unconsciously used it to be dynamic as he moved between 7 roles within the company.



We often point out the gaps and loopholes in various systems, but when it comes to taking initiative and changing it, we back out.

Today, we have invited a personality, who didn’t back out. Mr. Jonathan MacDonald, the CEO of Potency World, found some problems with the education system of his country and decided to launch his educational approach without the flaws that the general education system has.

Being a dyslexic himself, he tells us that he has seen the world from multiple perspectives. He understands neuroplasticity and affirms that cognitive function in human beings can be changed. He hopes to build a generation that is free-minded and can change the world.

Potency World is an organization whose vision is to revolutionize education. They will train the brains to remember facts with their unique educational system. He believes that this generation needs to understand a lot of things like learning from failure, but the current education system teaches just the opposite. Jonathan has a ten-year plan that includes opening girls-only universities where 20% of the day is spent teaching the students about things like relationships, consent, financial management, and other things. The rest of the day would include lessons on mental health, physical health, and self-defense. He plans this for the girls of age 11 and would teach them till they turn 18. When they come out of the university at 18, Jonathan believes that their cognitive function would be superior to that of a Ph.D. His plan is to educate 5 lakh girls in 10 years.

Jonathan adds that the initial trench would be 5 English-speaking countries for the ease of collaboration.

What made Jonathan reject ABILITY and select Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

In Jonathan’s opinion, the education system of this era is horrific and it couldn’t be worse. He says that it makes children believe that they ain’t that good. When these children group up into adults they lack confidence and believe that they lack ability. He believes that ability doesn’t exist except in the minds of people who need to create a score.

Whereas he believes that Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of modeling. He says that physical attributes might not be achieved by a change in perspective but cognitive accomplishments can be modeled by a change in perception.

How is Jonathan helping the children release their natural energy?

One of Jonathan’s inspiring statements is that he is working to keep the lights on in children and also helping them to release their natural energy. As our host Ashutosh asks Jonathan about this statement, Jonathan replies that he has spent seven long years preparing the plan he has right now. During those seven years, he has literally seen children glow when they are happy. Also, he has seen when they are happy they are open to learning. Also when he was with children, showing them different videos, the children were jumping and dancing with full energy and were having fun.

So Jonathan developed a program based on these things.

The Conditioned Consciousness

Jonathan calls conditioned consciousness the result of school as it is now. He says that, when a child is in its mother’s womb, it develops some brain cells such as what language its mother speaks and her diet, etc. which is good for society when it comes out. Unfortunately, in order to become accustomed and accepted in the society, we are cutting 80% of our connections

Why does Jonathan believe that truth is just a perspective?

Jonathan tells us that due to his dyslexia, he has always seen the world in a multi-perspective manner. Hence, his experience of life until he found out that his brain worked differently, was very vague. He says that what looked like a wall to others, seemed like a piece of cheese to him. He believes that people have an interpretation of truth and all the different perspectives are basically all looking at the same truth.


Jonathan first learned about NLP whilst working for Yellow Pages and then unconsciously used it to be dynamic as he moved between 7 roles within the company. Following a brain injury, he had the opportunity to volunteer in a primary school and quickly realized that ‘education’ is riddled with Limiting Beliefs held by adults, which seriously impacted, in a negative way children’s ‘ability’. It soon became very obvious that he, as in every situation up to that point, enabled children to produce results 400-500% better work in comparison to class teachers and this was instantaneously in the moment.

He decided to reject the entire concept of ‘ability’ and set about equipping children with NLP skills that he thought were responsible for the results he could liberate. Over 7 years he conducted more than 3000 experiments whilst volunteering his own designed coaching sessions to ‘keep the lights on in children.

Then as he progressed he started to learn more about himself and the objective became to help steer the human race to an evolutionarily superior position than we currently occupy by releasing rather than restricting the children’s natural energy and perspectives. Jonathan was, in the end, unable to complete his master experiment and now charges businesses £15,000 a day for the knowledge he was giving to education. He realized too late that, only when people pay, A LOT, will they comply with a new way of working and his current rate is yet another experiment into the stupidity of the conditioned consciousness

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