Is Fitness just another passing Trend? | Sonal Singh, Co-Founder, Fittr

Sonal Singh, Co-Founder, Fittr

Sonal Singh, Co Founder, Fittr

Sonal is very passionate about women’s fitness. She particularly focuses on helping South Asian women realise the importance of taking care of themselves & prioritizing their health & wellbeing



About the Guest:

Sonal is a Former Miss Asia Universe and is now the Co-Founder of Fittr, an online fitness, and nutrition community.

Does your Fitness regime require a hefty Gym membership?

Sonal believes that fitness and nutrition regimes are subjective and unique for every person. The key is to find out what works for you! Sonal also shares why her focus is majorly on the fitness and nutrition of South Asian women. She believes that South Asian Women often deprioritize their health because of the many responsibilities they take up. 

In this very interesting conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg, Sonal talks about her journey into fitness and her entrepreneurial venture. Fittr is a platform that provides the right knowledge and guidance for health, fitness, and nutrition. Their vision is to make 50 million people fitter!

She highlights the fitness challenges people face. According to Sonal, physical and mental fitness go hand in hand and are very vital for overall body/mind balance. She also opines about Yoga as a daily fitness regime.

Sonal shares her experience at Miss Universe Asia and the exciting things she got to do at the pageant. 


Sonal grew up in Vancouver, Canada where she studied at a bilingual school and graduated high-school with a French and English diploma. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations, with a focus on Poverty and Inequality. Before pursuing higher studies she sought field work experience and was awarded a Canadian government Youth Internship in association with the Universite de Montreal and Aga Khan Foundation. She worked in a rural community within Gujarat for 6 months on women’s access to quality health care and information.


She is a London School of Economics postgraduate in Policy and Economics. She worked at Deloitte in London as a Strategy and Operations Management Consultant for four years. She made time for her passion of healthcare by working as an independent consultant for the UK Ministry of Health and for the United Nations Development Program where she published work on HIV/AIDS financing in Brazil. She has worked in London, Canada, Brazil and India in issues related to health, wellness, inequality and access to health care. Realising that her stint at Deloitte though extremely educational, was not fulfilling her purpose, she committed to searching for it. She quit her steady job in London and moved to India, without any plan.


Within 3 months of moving to India she got to work. She started helping a few SMEs expand their businesses by helping them get online. She was then hired by Forever New to tackle their employee attrition rates and customer feedback. She devised a training strategy across all 22 locations within India focusing on improving customer love. She delivered this training herself across all locations.


When she wanted to take some time out to focus on improving her own health, she met Jitendra Chouksey online, co-founder of Fittr. He trained her online and helped prepare her for competing in the Ms. Asia Universe title in China. It was only after she won the title did she meet JC and the team. Inspired by the vision to make 50 million people fit & the community focus, Sonal quit her consulting work and joined as a co-founder to help build Fittr.


Sonal is very passionate about women’s fitness. She particularly focuses on helping South Asian women realize the importance of taking care of themselves & prioritizing their health & wellbeing.

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