Dr. Moiz Kasubhai, Chief Hospitalist at Lincoln Hospital

Dr. Moiz Kasubhai, Chief Hospitalist at Lincoln Hospital

Dr. Moiz Kasubhai is a Chief Hospitalist at the Lincoln Hospital in New York.  



Dr. Moiz Kasubhai is a Chief Hospitalist at the Lincoln Hospital in New York. After completing his MBBS from the University of Mumbai, he moved to London for his further studies. He now lives in New York. Dr. Moiz answers some really important questions that are relevant to our present situation about coronavirus, veganism, and more.

On Covid-19 in New York

New York became an epicenter of Covid for several months last year, Dr. Moiz explains how he and his teams tackled the situation and so many “unknowns” about the disease. He shares that dealing with covid was an “extraordinarily humbling” experience for him because of the uncertainty of the virus, “our protocols changed on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day.”

“It is much better defined right now but yet unknown remains and we are not in the clear yet.”

Vaccination or Treatment 

Dr. Moiz says a big Yes to the vaccination. He informs us that Covid is here to stay and the only way to survive the pandemic is to vaccinate yourself. He also adds that Pfizer is saying that we should get vaccinated the third time, a year from now. The vaccination is around 99% effective against the virus hence everyone should be vaccinated to stop the deadly disease. 

“Vaccinate, Vaccinate, Vaccinate. That’s the way we are going to save ourselves, that’s how we are going to open up the country.” 

About Veganism and Diseases  

Dr. Moiz tells us his journey of becoming a vegan and how that was a transforming experience for him. He watched a documentary about veganism and thought about giving it a go, the results were fascinating, only in a matter of weeks he had lost a few kilos and was feeling much lighter. He talks about the positive influence of cutting animal-based food from his life and shares how this lifestyle curbs many deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Can Mind Impact our Health and Body? 

Of course, yes. The mind is as much a part of the body as any else. Whatever we think or feel affects our bodies. At the same time, whatever we eat affects our mental wellbeing as well. Dr. Moiz explains that eating plant-based food not only keeps our bodies healthy but also raises the serotonin(happy hormone), 80-90% of which is made in our gut and not the brain. He talks about how mindfulness and eating well have impacted people in a positive way and helped transform lives.

Tune in to this enlightening conversation with Dr. Moiz Kasubhai and learn more about what’s new in the medical industry!


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