Steven Lewis, Director of Copywriting, Taleist, Australia

Steven Lewis, Director of Copywriting, Taleist, Australia

Steven Lewis, Director of Copywriting, Taleist, Australia

Steven Lewis is a professional marketer and the Director of Copywriting at Taleist- Australia.  



“Having ideas is so easy but actually putting the steps together and following them is incredibly difficult!”

In today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we are delighted to have Steven Lewis with us today. Steven is a professional marketer and the Director of Copywriting at Taleist- Australia. In conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Steven shares some very important highlights of the copywriting business. He talks about what goes into building a successful brand and a timeless copy! Steven also throws light on the role of digitization and the changes it has brought about in the copywriting business. He explained his work style in a very simplified manner and spoke in detail about making a good copy.

About Taleist:

Taleist – is a unique name to embody – the teller of fine tales. The very name of the brand is the epitome of what a copywriter represents! Copywriting Is understanding a business and its story and presenting it in a way that is compelling. At Taleist, websites and landing pages are written in a way that increases traffic and turns that traffic into sales. The goal is to compel the reader and turn reading into action. 

About his work:

Stephen has been in the field of copywriting for the last 26 years. At Taleist, with a team of 26 members, Steven works with his clients by understanding their business, directing research processes to find out more about their customer niche, and then delivering a riveting copy! Steven works in a manner that is a perfectly balanced mixture of creativity and research. He believes that research is a very important aspect of framing taglines and ads. Steven is motivated by the great copywriter Eugene Schwartz who said, “great copy isn’t written, it’s assembled!” 

Steven strongly follows the routine of working towards the client’s wishes. He believes that properly delivering on the client’s vision is the key to a good copy. 

Steven and his team work tirelessly with a wide array of niches like surgeons, corporates, businesses, etc. 

His beliefs:

Steven is a strong believer in no-nonsense, to-the-point work attitude. He works with integrity towards delivering what’s best for his clients. He believes in communicating clearly and enjoying the people he works with. Success to Steven is working in an environment that he truly enjoys, respects, and looks forward to working in!


It’s not enough that your mum likes the way your website makes you sound. It’s not enough that your English teacher would green-tick the grammar. To CONVERT website visitors to buyers, your website has to stand out in a world of hyperbole, empty words, and corporatespeak. Your website has to understand your target clients. What do they really WANT? What will PERSUADE them that you have it? At Taleist, we understand how to bring PSYCHOLOGY and SALES together in WRITING. For ten years, our team has been increasing CONVERSIONS for companies by creating persuasive lead magnets, landing pages and websites. Your website converts because you’re sending the right traffic to our copywriting — writing that persuades your prospects to take action- download, call, email… buy.

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