Dr. Vineet Bhushan, Founder, Stellar Pharma Solutions

Dr. Vineet Bhushan, Founder, Stellar Pharma Solutions

Today we bring you a senior professional from the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Vineet Bhushan



Indian pharmaceutical industry is expansive and promising, fulfilling 50% demand for generic drugs to the whole world. Today we talked to a senior professional from the pharma industry, Dr. Vineet Bhushan. Dr. Bhushan has contributed his whole professional life to this industry and today he shares some of his valuable insights while telling us about his latest venture, Stellar Pharma Solutions. 

Dr. Bhushan founded Stellar back in 2017 after a long and promising career in the corporate world. He believes that professionals like him who have worked their whole lives in this sector have a lot to share (and guide) with the young leaders today. With Stellar, he promises to give back to the pharma industry with his learnings from his illustrious career of 29 years working with big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Ranbaxy. 

With Stellar, he helps the small or middle-sized companies who are struggling to enter into the developed markets. He informs us about the stringent audit standards and regulatory compliance standards of the developed markets and explains how he helps those small companies to build their infrastructure and capabilities to be able to enter those markets. 

In the next segment, Dr. Bhushan takes us through the challenges of this industry. India still imports the key starting materials, and it is only manufacturing the medicines that do not have stringent price control policies. Dr. Bhushan informs us that we are still not self-reliant on APIs and KSM. Lack of quality processes has also become a huge challenge for Indian pharma. 

So how must one ensure quality products? Dr. Bhushan informs us that SMEs do not have the right talent in their hands to create a quality product. For this, he provides a thought-provoking solution. According to Dr. Bhushan, people his age who have spent years in this industry are of immense value. These professionals have witnessed the industry grow from a small-scale sector to a globally competitive industry and can now take the younger ones on the right path. 

Dr. Bhushan also touches upon the subject of research. According to him, the lack of research for new medicines is the cause of a few factors: lack of innovation culture, lesser money spent on R&D, and the lack of incentivization. Tune in to this interview and get enlightened about the pharmaceutical industry in India and learn some amazing facts about the Indian market.



A pharmaceutical professional with a successful record of handling diverse and challenging assignments and making a big difference.
Having worked for 30 years in different leadership roles, I have gained the expertise to carry out the deeper work of organizational culture change that is necessary to support quality initiatives.
Led a number of successful site first inspections and repeat regulatory approvals with MHRA / US FDA /TGA etc. including significant success in critical deficiency resolution.
While establishing and leading the Learning University of Hospira (a Pfizer Co.) as Vice President and Dean, I felt a strong need of capability building across Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry. This inspired me to start a consulting organisation, “Stellar Pharma Solutions” with the motto, “Building Capabilities, Transforming Businesses”.
As a consultant, conducted public workshops and provided in-house training on varied GMP topics to many Indian and MNCs. Providing auditing and consulting services to companies. Also preparing sites for regulatory inspections.

Vice President & Dean, Learning University- Hospira (a Pfizer Co.)
Vice President- Qualify & Regulatory Affaires, Global Business Unit, Ind Swift group
Divisional Manager (Site Quality Head) – Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Site Quality Operations Leader – Pfizer India

SPECIALITIES: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affaires, Validation, Facility design, Compliance Management for Dosage forms (Orals and Injectables) and APIs.
Conducted audits of API suppliers on behalf of E.U. MA holders for adherence to Directive 2003/94/EC.
Qualified IRCA GMP lead auditor certification program conducted by NSF, U.K. IRCA certified PQMS GMP Auditor.

Imparting GMP trainings at national and international forums.
Invited for Panel discussions at major conventions.

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