Vivek Agrawal, Head of Content Development & Production, Reliance Entertainment

Vivek Agrawal, Head of Content Development & Production, Reliance Entertainment

Today, The Brand Called You brings you a renowned film producer from our very own bollywood industry, Vivek Agrawal!



“The single most important factor to make a great film or series or a great piece of content is – energy!”

Movies are a big and indispensable part of our lives. They have been constant stress busters and our go to options for relaxing on weekends. With advanced technology and wide movie options, OTT platforms are taking over the viewership and demand. In addition to this, the pandemic has also given the pedestal to OTT platforms with cinema halls being shut down due to lockdown protocol. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, MxPlayer etc are taking over with viewership as high as 355 million! 

We have all indeed taken ‘Netflix and Chill, very seriously!

Many famed cinema stars are taking up OTT projects due to the wide options available and the interesting genres of OTT platforms. However, movie lovers disagree that OTT platforms can take over the essence of traditional Cinema. It seems that as soon as theatres will start to open up, we might see the BoxOffice back in business! The Bollywood industry is one of the oldest and most cherished institutions of the country. 

Bollywood films have ruled our hearts and continue to relate with us in a very unique way. The work that goes into these widely loved movies is beyond our imagination. From classical hits like Sholay to more modern films like English Vinglish, the industry has managed to win all our hearts.

Today, The Brand Called You brings you a renowned film producer from our very own bollywood industry, Vivek Agrawal!

Vivek is the head of Content Development and Production at Reliance Entertainment. He is an award winning and passionate Director and Producer. Earlier he has spent time with Phantom Films as Head of Operations and has overseen 15 feature films.

Vivek has been part of films that broke open new records for the boxoffice like Queen, Shahid Kapoor starrer Udta Punjab, Lutera, Masaan as well as AmazoN Prime hit web series- Sacred Games! He has also worked with films like Bombay Velvet, Shaandar and Super 30!

Vivek’s 27 year long and ongoing career in the industry has led him to gain many experiences and a lot of knowledge about the film industry. In this interview with our host Ashutosh Garg, Vivek engages in an articulate discussion about his career and the evolution of the film industry.

Having worked in the industry since he was 20, Vivek considers himself to be very lucky to get a job in the industry and to have worked under some fine professionals. He is one of those few individuals who stick to their childhood dreams and end up in that profession! 

Vivek shares his amazing story with the viewers and highlights some films that he has worked on. He distinctly and very simply draws a line between the role of a director and a producer.

He also elucidates the hard work that goes into making a film. From putting together the set to shooting, post production and finally release and promotions, it is not a simple task!

When asked what makes a good movie, Vivek very simply replies,

“The single most important factor to make a great film or series or a great piece of content is energy! The energy when a lot of people come together. It is a collaborative effort to make films. And when the energy is right of all these people coming together, is when you make a great film!”

Vivek also explains the growing demand of OTT platforms and movie stars taking up OTT projects. He throws light on the subject of music in movies and why pop music is not famous in the central parts of the country as compared to northern pop and punjabi music.

Real stories of real people is what inspires Vivek the most. He enjoys working with and respects the people he is surrounded with in his line of profession.

Tune in for this very interesting interview with the very best, Vivek Agrawal. Learn about the role of a producer and what goes into making great films!

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Multi award winning, passionate producer of cinema: Indian and International. With over 25 years of experience in translating scripts to screen, Vivek has cultivated significant depth in both the business and language of cinema. As Head of Operations and Production at Phantom Films. Vivek has developed, overseen and produced over 15 feature films in the last 6 years. Vivek has created and implemented standards and procedures that ensure movies and content are made cost effectively by lean and efficient teams. This ability has played a critical role in allowing the company to scale and grow optimally.
Vivek is passionate about acquiring deep technical and creative knowledge, which allows him to strategically troubleshoot issues during any part of the filmmaking process. His experience as a director makes him an empathetic producer and he is best known for executing complex projects within budgets and timelines.
Vivek is organized and detail oriented. His experience with Phantom/Reliance has also made him knowledgeable about corporate governance, IP law, and talent contracting. He has successfully produced films of varying scales, both independent and commercial, in various parts of the world. As an independent producer, he has developed the ability to build efficient teams, bringing together people of various skills, have them follow processes and policies based on need and necessity and seamlessly execute each project.
Born and educated in Mumbai, Vivek has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance Management. He dropped out of a Masters Program in Economics and Finance to pursue his passion for filmmaking. His expertise lies in bringing together new teams together for every project and producing them comfortably in any part of the world. With his technical background, finance education and experience in making films ranging from 2cr -200cr, he is the perfect choice for studios/investors to go to when trying to make the seemingly impossible film.

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