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Paul N Larsen possesses 30 years of business experience with Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, airline, finance & technology industries, giving him a keen perspective on the inner workings of diverse global organisations. His past tenures include Adobe Systems, Charles Schwab, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. C-Suite and Directorship posts have contributed to his notable skill in leadership and organisational development and training, human resource operations, and coaching management leaders to lead their teams with IQ and EQ.

Leaders with an authentic VOICE provide a clear leadership vision for their teams and create a trusted leadership brand. This is precisely what Paul delivers to his executive coaching clients based on his time-tested approach to leadership development. He coaches leaders to discover their values and crystalise their vision to make the behavioural changes that will lead to their preferred outcomes. Paul empowers leaders to be courageous in decision-making and to engage their influence for lasting, measurable results.

[00:47] – About Paul N Larsen

  • Paul N Larsen is a mindset coach, an author & educator
  • He authored a book titled FIND YOUR V-O-I-C-E AS A LEADER

[01:04] – Tell Me About your book FIND YOUR VOICE AS A LEADER.

  • A book is a labour of love, but mine was only labour.
  • I became the ‘Find my voice guy’ for my clients.
  • created a coaching methodology, an acronym of the v-o-I-c-e.
  • want people to be deliberate & crafting that brand of leader.

 [04:16] – 5 critical steps to start building one’s legacy as a leader.

  • finding your values, outcomes, influence, courage, and expression again.
  • 3 As of coaching- awareness, advocacy, action
  • If you don’t author your brand or legacy, someone else will author it.

[16:20] – what made you move from a lucrative corporate career to becoming a coach?

  • I was working at Adobe technology, a wonderful with great teammates
  • I start questioning my existence, which has nothing to do with the company
  • It wasn’t necessary to work one-on-one, in groups or in teams; it was all around the coaching I have experienced.

[22:05] – What three lessons do you want our viewers & listeners to take away from your journey?  

  • Name it
  • Tame it
  • And don’t shame it


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  • Paul N Larsen is a mindset coach, an author & educator
  • He authored a book titled FIND YOUR V-O-I-C-E AS A LEADER.

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