Hasmukh Rawal, Co Founder and MD, MyLab Discovery Solutions (Hindi)

Hasmukh Rawal, Co-Founder and MD, MyLab Discovery Solutions

Hasmukh is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of MyLab Discovery Solutions. He is an avid cricket player and loves to travel.



Healthcare as it should be, is a number one priority for people across the globe. Testing ourselves from time to time not only gives us an insight of our health but also prepares us for the coming years. The global diagnostics industry is estimated to have a market worth 40-45 million USD. With such big turnovers each year, the industry is continuously being impacted by technology and modern solutions.

One such entrepreneur who started off his journey with a goal to make tech-empowered diagnostics is Hasmukh Rawal. His brainchild, MyLab Discovery Solutions is a one of a kind modern diagnostic solution venture. We are pleased to welcome Hasmukh on the podcast today.

About Hasmukh:

Hasmukh is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of MyLab Discovery Solutions. He is an avid cricket player and loves to travel.

About MyLab Discovery Solutions:

A venture driven majorly by technology, their aim is to make diagnostics affordable and accessible for everyone. They are working to reduce the waiting period between test results and treatments. Bringing all kinds of tests home. The business is completely consumer-centric and focuses on the needs and demands of the consumers. Their test kits are curated with a customized approach.  MyLab is in the cutting-edge area where technology is boosting diagnostics.

Hasmukh strongly believes that technology is driving our future. He shares that MyLab is one of those companies that is working for the long run. Though the processes are time-consuming, the solutions are solid and lasting. They have a priority list according to the immediate needs of the consumers.


Hasmukh throws light on the test kits that are currently available for the consumers. He shares his plans to transform even the most complex tests into easy-to-use home kits. He talks about the problems patients face in the waiting period of tests. The healthcare and diagnostic industry is expensive and still inaccessible to many people. Hasmukh shares how the test kits from MyLab will help people even in the rural areas by saving their time and energy.

As a business that is now flourishing and in its best phase, Hasmukh highlights the low points and challenges he faced while setting up the business. He explains that financing startups is a big challenge and it should be carefully planned. 

A business that is ethical and based on the strong virtues of teamwork, Hasmukh explains how his dynamic team is always on its toes. Being true to his word. Being transparent to his team, building trust and keeping the vision of the company alive are some of the things he has practiced in order to win the trust and compassion of his teammates. 

His work is his inspiration and he strives to make diagnostics and healthcare accessible for everyone. His only advice to the budding entrepreneurs is to always be on your toes and make their own space in the abundant opportunities available!


Mr. Hasmukh Rawal is the Managing Director and co-founder of Mylab Discovery Solutions. Hasmukh is a biotechnologist-turned-entrepreneur and holds a postgraduate degree in medical biotechnology. Hasmukh has deep experience in the commercial development of applied molecular diagnostics solutions. He drives product strategy and new innovations at Mylab. He also closely manages the interface with the external stakeholders. He has a deep understanding of the Indian diagnostics market and has close association with major industry players, academic and research institutes in the country. He is an avid cricket player and loves to travel.

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