Bobby Umar, President, Raeallan, CEO, Discover Your Personal Brand

Bobby Umar, President, Raeallan, CEO, Discover Your Personal Brand

Bobby Umar, President, Raeallan, CEO, Discover Your Personal Brand

Keynote Speaker, Virtual Trainer & Coach: Expertise in Thought Leadership, Storytelling, Personal Branding, Meaningful Relationships, Confident Communications & Content.



Branding is the strongest tool of identity. The reason entrepreneurs are vigilant about branding is because branding can make or break one’s business. While product/business branding is done through hundreds of tools like social media, there is one particular type of branding we do not talk enough about.

Personal Branding. 

Your identity is your brand. It’s your reputation. It is your brand that helps you know how people look at you/perceive you. Now if personal branding is so relevant, why do we step back when it comes to building it?

Today on TBCY we have with us a personal branding guru and a brand strategist who helps thousands of people realise their potential and realise their unique personal brand. We are pleased to welcome Bobby Umar on the podcast.

About Bobby:

Bobby is the President of Raeallan  which is the transformation training and speaking organization. He’s the CEO of DYPB which is Discover Your Personal Brand. He’s a 

keynote speaker, a virtual trainer and a coach.  In this very self reflective interview with Ashutosh, Bobby talks about his journey into personal branding. He takes us through the nitty gritties of branding and explains what makes a strong personal brand!

Transformation Training:

The work scope of Bobby’s venture, Raeallan, is very interesting and change oriented. He works with people and clients who want to work on their skills and transform themselves into better individuals and leaders. His work is transformative as he helps people in terms of their leadership skills, their ability to do better, be better storytellers and to be more aligned with themselves and their personal brand. Transformation of this kind gives a lot of space for people to reflect on themselves and build meaningful relationships and networks. 

“So for me, helping people transform their leadership skills to that next level or to build a thought leadership brand for them,  that’s why what I do is transformative.”

Practice makes perfect:

Bobby talks about the communication issues people face very often. He believes that people lack confidence and hence miss the opportunities that can be stepping stones. Confidence is a strong communication tool. Bobby explains that anything that is practiced can be perfected. This applies to public speaking and communication as well. Continuous practice can make anybody a good public speaker. 

When asked about the most important obstacle of communication ie. Stage fright, Bobby responds:

“So the more prepared you are for the task at hand, the less likely you’re going to have the nerves. I think that’s one thing to keep in mind. So prepare as much as you possibly can to lessen the nerves. Number two, understand that  the nerves are there for reasons because you care and you want to do your best and nerves are normal. In fact, someone like myself has been a  public speaker for many many years, I still get nervous because I care I want to do a good job”

What is a personal brand?

As a personal brand guru, Bobby helps the audience understand the essence of personal branding. In his opinion personal branding is your reputation. It is how people perceive you. Reputation management and integrity are an important aspect of personal branding. 

“I mean, I see personal branding is everything.  Do you not want to have a good reputation in 

the workplace, do you not have a good reputation among your friends, do you not have a good  reputation in your family or with your kids? I think that personal branding covers every single 

aspect of our personal professional life.”


Further into the conversation, Bobby talks about the various ways we can invest in our personal brand. He talks about the importance of building a commitment towards understanding yourself. Personal branding is a process of self assessment and a very important one at that!

Bobby also talks about popularity and social media with respect to branding. He talks about building and spoiling personal branding. He throws light on the various things we can do to build our brand and what we shouldn’t do to get it spoiled. 

Bobby shares some very good examples and explains the many details of personal branding. He also shares his personal brand and what makes it unique.

Tune in to know how you can create your personal brand with Bobby Umar


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