David Aaker, Vice Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy

David Aaker, Vice Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy

David Aaker, Vice-Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy

Vice-Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy from January 1999. Executive Advisor to Dentsu Inc. from September 2001-2012.



Branding in today’s world is everyone’s favourite word. In fact, branding isn’t just limited to products or services these days, it includes even people-which we call personal branding. In such a scenario, it’s essential to know the fundamentals of brand development and strategies for building a successful brand.

In todays’ episode of TBCY, we have invited the well-known expert who has immense knowledge in this subject, David Aaker. Join this conversation to get some very useful tips and ideas regarding brand awareness and marketing. 

About David

David Aaker, who the famous Philip Kotlar called “the father of Modern Branding” has made his name in the crowded field of branding. He is currently serving as the vice-chairman of Prophet Brand Strategy. He has written 18 books and has published hundreds of articles that have been helping the world’s leading brands. He has also been awarded several times for his contribution to marketing, including the American Marketing Association Hall of Fame.


About Prophet Brand Strategy

David Aaker joined the prophet brand strategy to make his ideas reach the business world. It focused on David Aaker’s brand strategies when it started but then it gradually expanded to include design and digital transformation, analytics and so on.

He tells about what he does in Prophet and says he mainly writes books and does blogging. He has written about 350 blogs and 5 books since he joined the Prophet.  

When asked whether marketing is science or art, he says it’s both and supports his answer with an explanation.

What goes into making a brand successful?

He says that you must start with something that you can brand, something that has the potential to make a difference. You have to understand what your brand stands for, that is. your brand identity. He asks to Identify the things you want your employees or people to know when they hear about your brand. And shares some other qualities of a strong brand.

Brand Relevance

To the question “what makes a brand stay relevant even after years”, David mentions the points that help in brand relevance and says, “Every brand needs to keep energy in order to stay relevant”.

The other valuable points about the things that help achieve brand relevance are inside the conversation.


David and Ashutosh talk about every possible topic related to brand and marketing, which you’d definitely want to know if you are into branding. 

They also discuss the impact of digital transformation on branding, traditional distribution channels vs companies like Amazon which delivers brands at homes, use of technology, implementation of ESG and a lot more.


Vice-Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy from January 1999. Executive Advisor to Dentsu Inc. from September 2001-2012.

Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley—Professor Emeritus from 2000; E.T. Grether Professor of Marketing from 1994; J. Gary Shansby Professor of Marketing Strategy, 1981 to 1994;  Professor 1970 to 1981.  Frankfurt Chamber Chair Visiting Professor, Goethe University, Frankfurt, April-May 1987


Awards for career achievements in marketing strategy and marketing science:

  • 1996 Paul D. Converse Award for outstanding contributions to the development of the science of marketing..
  • 2000 Vijay Mahajan Award for career contributions to marketing strategy
  • 2004 MIT Buck Weaver Award for contributions to the advancement of theory and practice in marketing science
  • Named as one of the top five most important marketing/business gurus in a survey of 600 members of the Marketing Executives Networking Group, November, 2007
  • 2012 The 2011-2012 Wroe Alderson Distinguished Lecturer, Wharton School.
  • 2014 Named a Faculty Giant by Berkeley Haas, the magazine of the Berkeley-School of Business and the Plato and Newton of Branding by the California magazine.
  • 2015 Named to the Marketing Hall of Fame by the New York chapter of the American Marketing Association.
  • 2020 The Sheth Foundation Medal for Exceptional Contribution in Marketing Scholarship and Practice

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