Pramod Rao, Co Founder and CEO, Threado

Pramod Rao, Co Founder and CEO, Threado

Pramod Rao, Co-Founder and CEO, Threado

 I’m Pramod, Co-founder, and CEO of Threado. Through Threado, we are helping shape a future where businesses grow sustainably by taking a community-led approach to growth.



Marketing is the strongest tool of business. A strong marketing strategy has the ability to change the phase of business. 

Remember how Panasonic released their tagline “Ideas for life” and used it in every ad and sponsored post? They did make a strong impact on the consumers and that single tagline increased Panasonic sales incredibly.

This is the power of marketing.

Today on TBCY we have with us one of the greatest marketing gurus and someone who has worked with one of India’s biggest businesses. 

We are pleased to welcome Pramod Rao to the podcast.

About Promod:

Pramod is the Co-Founder and CEO of Threado. He is also the Ex-Vice President of Marketing of Zomato. Pramod enjoys road trips and being a pet parent! In this very interesting interview, Pramod talks about his journey of setting up his startup venture and his many experiences of working with Zomato!

About Threado:

An early startup with a small team, Threado is a venture that is focused on creating a community for several organizations and providing them with the right network. It is a marketing platform that is based on helping businesses with a focus on the community. 

The venture is community-oriented and Pramod wishes to reach more such organizations. The pandemic helped Promod to kick start Threado and take a community approach to his startup. Threado is helping out existing communities manage their organizations better.


Setting up a dynamic marketing platform requires immense strategy and smart work. Threado as a platform is helping a lot of businesses realize their potential through timely insights and overall input-output ratios of work. Helping other brands reach their peak performance sustainably is the key goal.

Pramod shares the many challenges and learnings he experienced on his journey. He highlights three key challenges that he experienced while building Threado. 

“One is landing on what exactly are we building. Like what people want is a journey in itself so I think that that’s been a discovery journey for us.

Second, I think it’s at any stage is hiring. So most of my time goes into figuring out how do we build this A-Team?

And your third as anything is how do we be faster and at the same time do quality work.”

On startups:

A professional who has worked with startups all his life, Pramod has very strong insights into startups. He has worked with Zomato back when it was a lesser-known and initial startup. He has seen the growth of the dynamic business and has been a major part of it. 

Pramod talks about the basic mistakes entrepreneurs make. He believes that hurrying up to the ‘build phase’ is a very common mistake and something he has done himself. Instead of that, he suggests thorough market study and research before product building.

He talks about the scaling up of startups and how the wrong decision can break one’s business. Reviewing product-market fit is extremely important at this stage.


Further, Pramod talks about funding in startups. 

“We should only raise when we need to. If you have the ability to bootstrap it to figure out to the point where you’re sure or maybe not sure but you know the direction right that you want to take and then you need capital or don’t need capital like you can make a call to another point.”

Pramod talks about various other important aspects of business and shares his amazing story of working with one of India’s biggest businesses.

Tune in to know more about Pramod and his incredible work.


Pramod, Co-founder and CEO of Threado. Through Threado, we are helping shape a future where businesses grow sustainably by taking a community-led approach to growth. Prior to Threado, I was one of the earliest employees (#13) and VP, Marketing at Zomato. Led user growth, partnerships, brand marketing, content, and community initiatives for the majority of my 8.5 years at Zomato. You can reach out to me for anything related to early-stage growth, community building, or marketing. Avid Chelsea supporter. Enjoy road trips and being a pet parent

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