“Making good decisions means bringing consciousness to your bias and separating your ability to read signals from noise.”

In our modern world, data is the new king. While the world is evolving and adapting to Artificial Intelligence and automation in each sector, the insurance industry is now managing and assessing risks with the help of data too. Tune in to this episode to find out how data science is helping evolve the insurance sector?

The Brand Called You brings you Murli Buluswar, the Head of U.S. Consumer Analytics at Citi Bank leading 400+ analytics professionals. Murli is an analytic and strategic Financial Services Leader with a passion for science and analytics. He talks to us about his illustrious career in financial services and explains he derives data-driven decision-making in his organization. Insurance companies evaluate their customers by checking their background, health, etc, and Murli explains how the variability of this data affects decision-making. An alumnus of the University of Chicago and Auburn University, he explains why everyone should learn Bayes Theorem to make quicker and better decisions in life. Tune in to learn how this Global Financial Leader takes decisions in life!

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