While adult life is as complex as it gets with workload and familial responsibilities, the most complicated and confusing phases of our lives are our teenage years. With the onset of puberty and the evident peer pressure, every teenager is on a unique yet confusing pedestal. Our teenage years are some of the most important years of our lives. Guidance during this phase is very vital and plays a major role in shaping our adult lives.

Madhavi Jadhav, a dedicated woman, and entrepreneur who works towards the wellness of teenagers. Madhavi is the Founder of ThatMate, a platform that provides tech solutions for the mental and sexual health of teens. She is a Petroleum Engineer by training and has worked for The Royal Dutch Company. And very interestingly, Madhavi is also a state-level boxer!

Her journey is very unique and her work is commendable. Madhavi contributes greatly to the mental and sexual well-being of teenagers and her app is very helpful.

Tune in to this gripping episode and learn more about Madhavi’s life and her amazing career.

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