Murli Buluswar, Head of Analytics, US Consumer Bank – Citi

Murli Buluswar, Head of Analytics, US Consumer Bank – Citi

The Brand Called You brings you Murli Buluswar, the Head of U.S. Consumer Analytics at Citi Bank leading 400+ analytics professionals. Murli is an analytic and strategic Financial Services Leader with a passion for science and analytics.



In our modern world, data is the new king. While the world is evolving and adapting to Artificial Intelligence and automation in each sector, the insurance industry is now managing and assessing risks with the help of data too. Tune in to this episode to learn more about the role of Data science in the insurance industry with our guest Murli Buluswar. 

Murli is a global financial services leader who has a knack for science and analytics. He is currently heading the U.S. Consumer Analytics at Citi Bank leading 400+ analytics professionals. In the interview, Murli takes us through his journey of being a teenager in Kolkata to moving to the US to study for his Bachelors. He talks about his life changing experiences in his years as a student. 

Murli is a pioneer strategic and analytical financial leader. He explains how data science is applied to the insurance sector. As we all know, Artificial Intelligence helps humans make sense of large amounts of data, in the same way, Data science in the insurance sector helps reduce risks and improve the overall experience. 

“The core of insurance, you’re trying to predict an outcome in the future, an uncertain outcome. You’re trying to put parameters around that and you’re trying to figure out what risk tolerance you have and how that should influence your balance sheet and how that should connect to your PnL and the pricing that you should charge for.” 

Largely financial institutions are going through a shift from experience and relationship driven organizations to data driven decision making. Murli explains how this is changing the equation of finance. 

“It’s more about an interplay, a harmony of the two and how we think about the role of humans versus the machine will vary depending on the context. So I very much imagine a world in the very near future where in some instances the machine is supremely confident because there is a lot of data and you can parameterize the risk.” 

Murli also urges everyone, even doctors, to learn the Bayes Theorem to make effective predictions. Tune in to this interview and learn more about the advent of AI and ML in the finance sector. 


Creative, and complex thinking visionary adept at influencing strategy through analytics driven innovation. Officer level experience includes P&L responsibilities, sales, and internal thought leadership in consumer financial services, and insurance sectors. Particularly effective at identifying opportunities for “optimization,” by asking questions

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