Don’t rationalize, try to be rational!”

The Brand Called You is back with another inspiring episode with guest Aneesh Bafna. Anish is the CEO and Managing Director of The Healthium Group. Earlier he was the President of Baxter International Japan.

Anish is in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg about his professional journey and the many experiences he has gained on his way. He lists the milestones that he has achieved over the past years and also talks about the work he does now. As Managing Director to a healthcare company, Anish talks about the availability of Medtech products in the country. And why we as a country are yet to provide enough surgical supplies.

Anish and Ashutosh also discuss how technology has greatly affected the medical industry. And how it has completely changed the procedure of surgery all over the world.

Anish talks about egoless leadership. And highlights the importance of integrity and compliance in business.

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