The Brand Called You is back with another inspiring episode with our guest Shoummo Kanti Acharya, a senior professional. Shoummo is the Founder and Chairman of eTrans Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He’s an active leader in telematics and logistics. And he was the former Managing Director of Indian Container Leasing Company Ltd.

In conversation with Ashutosh Garg, Shoummo shares his professional journey and talks about the many things he has learned. A senior leader belonging to the field of logistics and supply chain, Shoummo talks about the changes that have taken place in supply chain companies over the years. Shoummo also shares the challenges faced by professionals in the industry.

And how technology has impacted the working of these companies. Shoummo is a logistic visionary and believes in hands-on leadership.

“Values have been the foundation of my integrity”

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