Saurav Ghosal, International Squash player,13 times National Champion & Arjuna Award winner

Saurav Ghosal is a professional Squash Player, Arjuna Award Winner, 13 times National Champion, and currently Number 1 in India.  



Squash has gained popularity in India over the last decade as a competitive sport. Today we bring you a professional Squash Player, Arjuna Award Winner, 13 times National Champion, and currently Number 1 in India, Saurav Ghosal in conversation about his game, squash in India and other countries, fitness, and more. 

Saurav has been playing squash since he was 13. Although he began his journey by playing cricket, squash became his calling when he realized that his happiness lies in this game. He is now recognized throughout the world for his game. His mission is to make India proud by taking Indian squash to the next level!

Fitness is a part of every sport, whether it is cricket, football, or squash. Squash being a high agility sport, Saurav shares the fitness training a player has to go through to become the best. Both the physical endurance and mental strength of a player are tested when he is playing on the court. Saurav shares how the importance of mental strength surpasses that of physical endurance. Whenever on the court, he reminds himself of the fact that he has been preparing himself for this game his whole life.

India is predominantly a cricket country, to penetrate into that and bring squash to the attention of citizens is a hard task but Saurav shares some ways in which this can be achieved. He remarks that schools should introduce the game to children when they’re young hence building their interest at a very young age. 

Tune in to this fascinating conversation about sports and learn more!


A dream is what inspires a success story and my dream is to reach the pinnacle of world squash. It is a tough and long road to the top but I believe I have the talent, determination, and hunger to conquer the world. In India, I have been a pioneer in many regards for the sport. Being the first Indian to win the prestigious Drysdale Cup at the British Junior Open in 2004 and thereby achieving the distinction of being the top junior player in the world is only one of the many laurels I have brought to India. Aspiring and talented squash players along with their parents now view me as a role model. They look up to me to show them the way to a future of professional squash – a future that is promising enough to help one lead a life of luxury and happiness. My achievements attain greater importance because of the adversity that I have faced. I have come out victorious against all odds. I joined the Professional Squash Association in July 2003 and have attained my best ranking of 13, which is the best achieved by an Indian male! I also managed to continue my academics at a consistently high level. Becoming a world champion will not only help me realize my dream but also go a long way in revolutionizing the sport of squash in India. I want to be remembered as a humble sportsman and role model who broke all barriers to achieve his goal of being a world champion. I want to make a difference in the way Sport is viewed by the common man in India. I want to make India proud!
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