Learn About Jazz And Its Role In Business | Carl Størmer, Daglig leder, Foredragsholder, Kursguru og fasilitator, Jazzcode AS

Jazz is a very popular and vintage style/genre of music. While it is difficult for us pop music fans to demystify this unique field of music, people who are traditional jazz players and musicians still stick to this authentic genre of music. Originated in the African/American communities in the late 19th century, this genre has evolved and has been popularised with time. The Brand Called You is back with yet another inspiring episode. This time with a guest from Norway, Carl Strømer. Carl began his career as a strategy consultant for IBM. He was also the Co-Founder and Vice President of a leading online US Student Travel Agency.

Later, Carl became the Director of Marketing of a Norweigian air shuttle. After this, very interestingly, Carl went on to establish Norway’s most popular Jazz Group- JazzCode AS! He works as a Jazz Musician in New York. He combined his background in business and his love for music to start JazzCode. Carl comes from a very artistic and scientific background. His mother was the first pop music artist in Norway and his father was a scientist and his grandfather, a paleontologist! His life was rooted in music and science from a very young age. He has played music for most of his youth. His knowledge in business combined with his love for music led Carl to launch his venture JazzCode AS.

Tune in to know more about Carl and his unique integration of Jazz and Business!

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