Lee Goldstein, CEO, DiMassimo Goldstein

Lee Goldstein, CEO, DiMassimo Goldstein

Lee Goldstein is the CEO of the World’s first behavior change marketing agency.  



At the end of the day, all of us are known for our behavior. Today we bring you the CEO of the World’s First Behavioural Change Marketing Agency, Lee Goldstein in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Lee shares his knowledge and experience of 25+ years of working in this industry. 

Lee starts off by sharing that he worked three jobs to get through college and how that has made him modest about his current achievements. Lee is the CEO of DiMassimo Goldstein which is a behavioral change marketing agency in New York. He tells us how behavior change can lead you to success if you create a connection with your audience, you use your power for the good, you create healthier lifestyles for people, and you are connected to yourself. He tells us that behavior change is much bigger than selling stuff. 

Lee then shares his insights on how one can market one’s personal brand. He shares an interesting anecdote about the time a big company stopped selling cigarettes when they realized that it was time they changed their behavior and it worked for them. Lee then shares what should be done if the behavior patterns of leaders are in conflict with the brand of the company. He believes in putting in the work and making a true and emotional connection with the people he works with.

Lee is a passionate and determined leader, tune in to listen to this inspiring interview!


For 22 years, with founder Mark DiMassimo and our partners, I’ve been shaping DiGo from a promising start-up into the leading independent brand and business building agency it is today. “The ultimate results accelerator, Lee Goldstein is a relentless force driving clients’ business objectives forward.” – Leslie Dukker Doty (Client at Citibank, SunTrust, MasterCard, FifthThird Bank, CVSHealth, ReadersDigest, Time Inc., and more.)

“Lee makes sure every light is green— the right strategy, message, medium, team, price, budget, timeline, and execution—along the road to achieving the clients’ business objectives. – Mark DiMassimo, DiGo Founder “Amidst all of his many duties, Lee’s true love will always be the work. Lee lives and breathes great ideas, and he knows that great ideas are only great when they are executed flawlessly.” – Paul Fix, DiGo Executive Creative Director “Growth is behavior change, and behavior change is the long run. Lee makes it happen”. – Morgan Kelly, DiGo President Under Lee’s leadership, the agency has won engagements to launch scores of now major categories and changed behavior to build brands, businesses and movements, including: WW (formerly WeightWatchers), HelloFresh, Samsung, Echelon Fitness, Partnership to End Addiction, Netflix, Salesforce, Shutterstock, PenFed, Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo, CVS Health, K12, and thinkorswim/TD Ameritrade, among others.

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