Melissa Donnelly, Director, Affinity Communications

Melissa Donnelly, Director, Affinity Communications

Melissa is a brand, marketing, and communication strategist and the Director of Affinity Communications.  



The Brand Called You welcomes a guest from Gold Coast, Australia- Melissa Donnelly. Melissa is a professional from the marketing sector. She is a brand, marketing, and communication strategist and the Director of Affinity Communications.

In this interview, Melissa talks about her journey and the experiences that she has gained through her very vast career.

She begins by listing the three key milestones of her life. She believes that realising communication is more about connection and not transaction was a turning point in her life. 

She further talks about her venture Affinity Communications, a corporate company that works in the business-to-business sector and helps brands realize their potential and get the consultancy they need. She describes her work as a communication strategist and explains the impact that she has brought about in the businesses she has worked with. Melissa also explains her very unique methodology.

Ashutosh and Melissa discuss in detail the changes that have been brought about in brands due to the fast-paced digitisation. Melissa also talks about the Millennials and Gen Z’s and expresses that she loves communicating and interacting with them. 

“I’m not a digital native, I’m a digital migrant!”

Melissa strongly believes in taking every opportunity that comes her way. She advises youngsters to gain as much exposure and experience as they can!


ou’ve built a smart business, so it’s a tragedy when you’re the perfect fit for the work but you lose out because the market doesn’t see that capability.And it’s no good being the best provider or the best employer if the right people don’t believe that’s the case. I know that communications, marketing and branding translate to bottom-line significance. And I work with ambitious businesses when:
✳ They need to punch at or above their weight
✳ They’re under threat
✳ They’re missing out on business they should be winning
✳ They need to persuade an audience – it could be the board, employees, the market, or media If you have a problem and the solution is in marketing, branding, or communications, there’s a good chance I’ve seen it, mapped it, and solved it in a 31-year career working for ambitious companies of all sizes.

I’ve worked for household names (MTV, Microsoft, ESPN, Telstra) and brands that are rock stars in their industries. I know how to build reputations (and protect them), and I know how to work with CEOs, CMOs and boards. Most importantly, I know how to use branding, marketing and communications to support and realise my clients’ strategies for growth and transformation.

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