Amit Mohta, Unilever, Singapore

Amit is the Vice President of Procurement- Asia at Unilever Singapore. Amit shares his experience and learnings with us.  



Today on our show we have a trained professional from the manufacturing industry, Amit Mohta in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Amit is the Vice President Procurement- Asia at Unilever Singapore. Amit shares his experience and learnings with us. 

Amit tells us about his journey from being a kid who had just lost his father at the age of 10, to diving into his studies for the next ten years in order to achieve success in his life, and he’s done so. He is now responsible for the procurement of over 12 Billion USD worth of goods and services at Unilever. He talks to us about his role at the company, from leading people, to their recruitment, nurturing, and coaching them. He tells us about the centralized procurement process. He shares with us how technology is changing the purchase business and tells us how e-commerce is changing the game in today’s world. He tells us about Unilever, he shares how it is a global function with teams spread across the world. Amit tells us that he comes from a business background and commerce is his second nature. He tells us that his leadership style is being a coaching leader.

Tune in to this interview to know everything about the procurement process of businesses.

“Leadership style is all about the situation and the context in which you operate.”


Been in Unilever for over two decades, after my post-grad from IIM Calcutta and undergrad at SRCC, Delhi. I lead procurement of $12B worth of goods and services for the company in Asia. Before that have had several interesting assignments (one of which was about buying chocolate, confectionery, etc – for which my daughter was zapped why they were paying me a salary to do that!). While most people get into Sales, I thought why not try out Procurement and see what we could do there.

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