Shailendra Gokhale, Managing Partner, Rosefield DAA Int’l & Director, Rosefield Energy Tech Pvt.Ltd. 

Shailendra Gokhale is a highly experienced ‘Energy’ professional with broad global experience and with major strengths in Value Engineering and international trade management.



“Everybody wants to move towards renewable energy and that I think, is the need of the hour”

On today’s episode of The Brand Called You, we have with us a business leader from the field of consultancy, Mr. Shailendra Gokhale. Shailendra is the Managing Partner at Rosefield DAA International and is Director for Rosefield Energy. He has spent 28 years in the oil industry.He has worked with renowned brands like Lubrizo, BP and Castrol.

In this very informative and interesting conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Shailendra talks about his corporate career and the vast knowledge that he holds on oil and energy. He begins by listing the three key milestones of his life and career. Shailendra talks about his business, Rosefield DAA and the things that led him to start the firm. 

He shares that he has always wanted to give back to society through the knowledge and experience he has gained in the 22 years of his corporate career. Rosefield DAA helps companies optimise their cost by sharing the best practices and consultancy. 

Ashutosh and Shailendra engage in a very interesting conversation about our reliance on oil and energy and the increasing importance of renewable energy. Shailendra shares some very striking statistics with respect to his estimations about future dependence on coal and solar energy. His opinions are fact based and very informative. 

Shailendra also shares with the viewers, his leadership style, core values and success mantra. He encourages youngsters to take calculated risks and improve knowledge to overcome challenges!


Shailendra Gokhale is a highly experienced ‘Energy’ professional with a broad global experience and with major strengths in Value Engineering and international trade management. He is globally renowned and recognized expert in the global value chain of downstream and currently he advises some of the best Energy companies globally.

He is a much sought-after speaker, having participated in various ICIS and other international conferences on Petroleum, Base oils, and Lubricants. Shailendra has in excess of 28 years of experience in the Oil industry. After working with Lubrizol India for 5 years, he moved to BP/Castrol India. Later he moved to the UK, as a member of the global leadership team at BP headquarters. After working for 17 years in senior leadership positions, Shailendra left BP in 2014 to start his own consultancy firm to work in the Energy sector. Shailendra has to his credit consultancy assignments with Energy Major like Petronas, ENOC, Infineum,BP/Castrol, Brenntag, HPCL, Morris, Gulf, Lanxess, GP Global, Hardcastle Petrofer and few MNCs. He is an external advisor to Boston Consulting Group ( BCG).

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