Manish Gupta, Founder & CEO, Corridor Platforms,

Manish Gupta, Founder & CEO, Corridor Platforms. 

Manish Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Corridor Platforms, a leading company that is transforming decision-making in the finance sector



Data analytics and decision-making have dramatically improved in the past few years. Artificial Intelligence has a profound role to play in their development. Tune in to this interview and learn how data and information are now being used to make quicker and smarter decisions in the financial services industry with the expert Manish Gupta. 

Manish is the Founder and CEO of Corridor Platforms, a leading company that is transforming decision-making in the finance sector enabling these companies to leverage new data, new technologies like AI, and automation to generate better impact. 


“Being able to impact change excites me.”


Manish has many years of successful corporate experience with big brands including American Express. Manish shares his personal experience of making the big transition, from a corporate leader to being a startup entrepreneur. From doing and learning everything on his own to realizing that one cannot take a startup forward without learning the latest technologies like social media, Manish shares invaluable insights from his entrepreneurial journey. From leading a comfortable life in a corporate world to now owning a startup, Manish has seen the best and worst of both worlds.


In the interview, Manish shares the pivotal moments that have shaped his life and career. Being a military kid, Manish with his family moved around a lot. He has been taught by some of the greatest teachers in India who have had a profound impact on him. Manish moved to America after completing his engineering from India to pursue an MBA. He shares his insights into business and learning new technologies throughout the interview. 


Tune in and learn how data analytics and information technology are revolutionizing the financial services industry with entrepreneur Manish Gupta.


Manish is a seasoned credit professional having worked across almost all facets of the lending industry over 24 years, from running risk management globally for commercial and consumer lending through multiple credit cycles, to innovating and designing new credit products and managing large P&L’s as a General Manager.

He launched Corridor Platforms with a team of highly seasoned credit professionals to develop the next stage of Credit Decisioning Capabilities that allow banks to innovate using the full force of new open source and big data technologies without compromising governance and automate strategy management facilitating real-time ability to react to changing credit and competitive environment.

Prior to launching Corridor, Manish was Executive Vice President and Head of Global Information Management and Advanced Decisioning Platforms at American Express and was responsible for migrating Amex analytics to a global centralized Big Data and Machine Learning Platform. As one of the top 25 senior leaders at AMEX he was a member of the Global Management team, a core group of executive leaders who help set strategy and direction for the firm.

Prior, Manish was EVP and General Manager of OPEN Products and was responsible for the development and marketing of the company’s suite of products and features designed for small businesses in the United States; before that he held the position of EVP Global Network Services – Americas and led the company’s efforts to grow the network and franchise business throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Throughout his career Manish also held key roles in risk management including being the Chief Risk Officer of the U.S. Consumer Card Business and the Chief Risk Officer of the Global B2B Group (American Express commercial business’). Earlier in his career Manish established a strategic foundation during his ten years as a management consultant/Partner at some of the leading consulting organizations.

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