Ammar Charani , Chairman, Social Good Ventures.

Ammar Charani , Chairman, Social Good Ventures.

Today, The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome this highly insightful and successful personality, Ammar Chaarani on the show. 



In the humdrum of our technologically driven and fast paced lives, we seldom take a halt to contemplate our life choices. We only think and live by the titles that are given to us by others. The title we get on birth, the title we get from our friends/family, the title that society gives us etc. Our lives are driven by the roles we are assigned and rarely the role we should be playing towards the collective growth of ourselves as well as the world. Most of us are unaware of the meaning of purpose in our lives. 

An individual, shaped by his childhood, career and some very vital incidents of his life, has worked his way into professional roles and ultimately, backed by the knowledge he gained studying, he has figured out the purpose of his life. He now defines his life highly by these principles that not only shape him to be a better individual but also contribute greatly to the world- through the work he does. 

Today, The Brand Called You is pleased to welcome this highly insightful and successful personality, Ammar Chaarani on the show. 

At a very young age, Ammar began exploring religions that subsequently even started serving as a cleric. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida. Ammar has done a President’s Program in Leadership at Harvard. He has CoFounded and invested in over 30 startups and also established one of the most fulfilling startups of his own- Social Enterprise. Through Social Enterprise, Ammar  pioneered in Cars marketing and generated over 300 million dollars in annual sales for Fortune 50 clients.

 Currently, Ammar is the Chairman of Social Good Ventures which aims to make one billion people happier by helping people invest in companies that do well. After a near death experience, Ammar took an 11 year old deep dive into finding and following the meaning and purpose of life.  This resulted in Purposehood, a venture Ammar established for people who want to discover and activate life in their existential purpose and for a life full of happiness, success and fulfillment. And ultimately, this resulted in a book that got published in May 2020.  

With a career this vast, Ammar has not only excelled professionally but has also figured out the real essence of his life. And in discussion with our host Fritta Bussemaker, today Ammar shares the secret of his life and the experience he has gained on his long journey.

Ammar strongly believes that his life is highly influenced by his early career and life. He believes his early experiences have helped him gain a better perspective on many different things. Having studied various religions from a very young age, Ammar has a very distinct understanding of things from a religious point of view as well. He has worked as a cleric and throws light on how religious beliefs and understanding can influence business decisions. Ammar backs this with a very solid example. 

Ammar also shares his transition from being a cleric to an entrepreneur. He throws light on his work ie. Car Marketing. One intriguing key point he highlights is that every business can be a social venture if they are clear upon their larger purpose! 

On going through a near death experience, Ammar’s perspective completely changed and he decided to work on realising and working towards his existential purpose. This led him to start his venture Purposehood and later release a book with the same title. Through Purposehood, Ammar has made an effort to help people realise their purpose in life and work towards a soul enriching goal. He shares his secret to time management and how he only executes on things which bring him closer to his purpose and avoids everything that is irrelevant! 

Tune into this very interesting interview and learn how you can learn the purpose of your life and manage time to work towards the bigger goals of life.

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