K.S. Raghunandan, Founder and CEO, EldersIndia; EldersWealth

K.S. Raghunandan, Founder and CEO, EldersIndia; EldersWealth

KS Raghunandan is the founder and CEO of EldersIndia. He is also the founder and CEO of EldersWealth.



Old age, we all know, is a sensitive age where one longs for love, care, and company to lead the rest of life. As the physical movements get difficult with age, the solutions can come in varied forms ranging from adequate health care facilities to physical infrastructure in public places and most importantly, the affection of the family and the acceptance of the society.

Where does our country stand in providing adequate infrastructure to its senior citizens? What should, we, as individuals, do to provide elderly care to our parents? We have your answers covered in today’s conversation with a leading practitioner on the topic, Mr. K.S. Raghunandan.

About KS Raghunandan

KS Raghunandan is the founder and CEO of EldersIndia. He is also the founder and CEO of EldersWealth. He shares the kind of work his companies do for elderly care in India.


K.S. Raghunandan talks about the motivation to start the EldersIndia platform. He shares his story of the realization of the lack of holistic elderly care in India. He explains how elderly care is beyond just the health care facilities.

Mr. Raghunandan also shares the dilemmas a young provider for the elderly faces as he juggles work, family, and his elderly parents simultaneously.

He further shares the Indian demographics of the increasing elderly population and how the number of elders that the working-age population has to support will be more than the number of children.

He shares how his platform enables the concerned stakeholders to come together, enabling an ecosystem for providing better elderly care.

Difference Between Old Age Home, Assisted Living, and Senior Living

Mr. Raghunandan delves into the difference between several facilities available for the elderly like old age homes, assisted living, and senior living.

Old age homes, he says, are places with very basic facilities where the elderly live in shared accommodation.

Assisted living is a concept where they have 24X7 assistance for their day-to-day living. While senior living comes with more facilities like libraries and special programs for seniors. However, the key factor is the affordability of these services.

Another point to be noted is the desire of the old people to reside in their existing palace instead of moving to these facilities.


Mr. Raghunandan discusses the several challenges that come with the dignity and care of the elderly. The first thing he wants one to focus on is the acceptance of the old age people in the society and treating them with humility. He feels that providing dignity and humility solves the major part of the problem.

He further adds, “From an infrastructure standpoint, the ecosystem has to develop and a lot more collaboration and consultation efforts are needed.”

Mr. Raghunandan also speaks at great length about the help that technology has provided for elderly care. He speaks of the kinds of technologies available in the market and how they help the elderly in times of urgency.

Elderly Wealth is yet another challenging point. Mr. Raghunandan’s organization, EldersWealth provides a platform for interchanging ideas on wealth and a chance to educate oneself. They assess the financial situations of the people and recommend their various products as per individual needs.


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