People with Disability need Empathy, not Sympathy

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We live in a world where human beings are constantly on a scale of judgment. We have very conveniently divided right and wrong, good and bad, good looking and ugly, etc. Anything that challenges the status quo, or these beauty standards, is considered different or odd. Insensitivity towards people who stand out of these unrealistic barriers is becoming alarmingly common. Unfortunately, insensitive behavior is much extended to even people who are differently-abled. Instead of sensible and sensitive behavior, we often end up sympathizing and pitying them. I believe treating them like we would treat any other human being- with due respect, is what the differently-abled rightly expect from us. Not only do they face social prejudices from the people around them but are also disregarded when it comes to having the right facilities when outside the comfort of their homes. The infrastructure of most establishments often neglects, taking into consideration its use by the specially-abled population. The latest statistics displayed that India is home to 26 million specially-abled people!

So the question still lies- 

Are we adequately equipped to support this whopping 26 million population?

The Brand Called You has managed to record the experiences of some inspirational individuals belonging to the specially-abled community. 

A visually impaired Social Activist and Social Entrepreneur, Tiffany Brar is breaking barriers and leading an impactful and adventurous life. In an interview at The Brand Called You, Tiffany shares her life story and the difficulties she has to face due to her visual impairment. Not only has Tiffany broken through the shackles of these prejudices but has also created a platform to help other visually impaired people to build their own lives without dependency. 

“People with disability need empathy, not sympathy.” 

 ~ Tiffany Brar. 

Founder of The Jyotirgamaya Foundation, Tiffany has built a safe space for the visually impaired community by empowering and educating the community. She has encouraged hundreds of individuals in and given them a helping hand towards building their skills. And to the sighted population; a new perspective to look at the blind! Tiffany has set a one-of-a-kind example and strongly calls for equal and normal treatment for the differently-abled! 

To think of acing technology and tech-driven gadgets was only a dream for the specially-abled community. However modern times have called for modern approaches! And Pramit Bhargava has come up with just the right solution.  A visually impaired individual himself, Pramit’s story is inspiring and entrepreneurial. As a result of the side effect of the medicine he took,  Pramit’s vision dramatically declined to lead to his visual impairment. The suddenness of this incident left him scared and clueless. Pramit shares that it was almost impossible for him to come to terms with this situation. But a few years later, Pramit launched his venture Louie Voice Control! A voice-controlled interface that allows visually impaired individuals to manage their phones solely on voice commands. 

“Some of my major learnings have actually been when I failed” 

~ Pramit Bhargava 

Louie Voice Control gained an amazing response from the community and is currently used by individuals from all over the world! Available for free on the play store, Louie Voice Control is not just an app but a companion to the blind community! 

I believe that the motive behind both these, and many such stories are that – inclusion is the need of the hour. 

Supporting the specially-abled community is not just our social responsibility but also our ethical duty as human beings. The community needs more attention, consideration, empathy, inclusion, and most importantly, respect. Because a dignified life is the right of every human being. 


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