Storytelling Can Make Or Break Your Business, Learn How?


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Storytelling is a crucial element of any business. If you can successfully weave stories, you can sell any product to the consumers with no hassle. Infact, your product or service sells itself if you create a story that is relevant and believable. 

Rajeev Bakshi, a master storyteller and branding expert, talks to us about the vital aspects of successful branding and shares how to tell your brand’s story successfully. 

Rajeev has an experience of over 40 years of working with food and FMCG brands like Cadbury, Metro Cash and Carry, PepsiCo, Lakme, and more. An alumnus of IIM Bangalore, he is an expert in branding. Rajeev continues to guide other brands like Ola Foods, Umang Dairy, through his expertise in strategy and marketing.

On How to Successfully Build a Brand- 

“Depart from the regular,” one thing Rajeev has to say about building a successful brand is that one should not stay within the reins of regular. He advises the entrepreneurs/professionals to do something unique that makes business sense and also appeals to a set of audiences. He advises the brands to refresh every year, address a new need of the consumers, and keep on innovating and redefining according to different demographics to sustain in this market for a long time.

How is Storytelling relevant to Brands? 

The branding and marketing expert delves into the importance of storytelling for a brand. He shares the key to his success lies in the successful storytelling of the brand. Spinning the story and presenting it to the audience in a way that the audience believes in that story, and catering to the needs of the consumers at the same time, will really lead to the success of a brand, opines Rajeev. 

Big Brands and E-commerce Platforms 

Rajeev has worked with some of the major FMCG brands in India and he shares how these brands have reacted to the new e-commerce platforms. He talks about ways in which these brands have to sustain themselves physically and business-wise at the same time adapting to the new digital platforms. 

“At this stage, I think most of the brands are actually experimenting with the digital world, especially the old legacy brands. I don’t think there are many examples of brands that have actually taken the right turn and got the dependency on the digital world to a larger extent. So, I think…..the issue is obviously about changing the wheels of the car while you’re driving the car and that’s basically what is happening.” 

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