The Brand Called You brings yet another inspiring episode with Permaculturist Manisha Lath Gupta. Manisha is the Founder of Anandaa Permaculture Project. She is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Uber India. She has worked with Axis Bank, Colgate, and Unilever amongst many. Manisha is also the Founder of Mojarto.

In this interview, Manisha converses about her journey from the corporate world into the world of culture and nature. And shares with the audience the secret of creating a successful brand. Her vast experience in working with top-notch Corporate companies like Uber and Unilever makes her a senior professional in the corporate sector.

However, Manisha believed in giving back and contributing her share to make this world a better and safer place. Along with her husband, Manisha started practicing Permaculture. An innovative framework of ideas to create flourishing ecosystems and creating sustainable alternatives to our destructive practices. Manisha has been successful in finding options that work without destroying nature. Tune in!

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