The Brand Called You welcomes Arun Maira on the show today. Mr. Maira is the Chairman of HelpAge International. He is a former member of the Planning Commission of India. And is the Former Chairman of Boston Consulting Group in India. He is also a celebrated author.

In a conversation with Ashutosh Garg, Arun talks about his career and the work done by his Non-Profit Organization – HelpAge International. He explains how the value of the work done is contributory to the GDP of the country. Arun shares three very interesting stories about his experiences that have taught him a lot and helped him grow. He speaks passionately about the various things he has learned from his mother.

They discuss in detail the status of retirement for most Indians. Arun mentions that retirement and planning are important aspects of one’s life and it is essential to make decisions that contribute to one’s growth.

Arun shares insightful learnings and messages for the audience. His years of experience and hard work show through his words of wisdom. His work experience and ethics are commendable and inspiring!

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