Vivek Dhawan, CEO and Chief Mentor, Mega Wecare

Vivek Dhawan, CEO and Chief Mentor, Mega Wecare

Vivek is the CEO of MegaWeCare, the largest soft gel capsule manufacturer in South-East Asia in addition to a whole lot of other wellness products.



“Good luck for me, I failed very early in my life.”

Today on our show, we have a very successful entrepreneur from the pharmaceutical industry, Vivek Dhawan in conversation with our host Ashutosh Garg. Vivek is the CEO of MegaWeCare, the largest soft gel capsule manufacturer in South-East Asia in addition to a whole lot of other wellness products. 

Vivek starts off by sharing the three key milestones in his life. He shares with us how he built his company from the ground up and now MegaWeCare is successful in 33 developing countries. He shares the first-ever products his company launched and the journey afterward. Vivek then delves into a very interesting discussion with Ashutosh on why one should add supplements to their diet, he tells us that one should do so if they’re not getting enough minerals and vitamins in their diet if they’re not able to produce Vitamin B12 or magnesium. The key idea is that supplements should be added if there is any kind of deficiency in the diet, Vivek shares how these days we have supplements that help even with the circulation of blood!

Vivek has had a very successful career in many countries and he shares that if you have good people, you’re good at what you do, and you have people working with you with the same belief system, one should think about scaling up their business. He then shares how scaling up in India failed for his company because of many other competitors in the game. 

Vivek believes in the people that work for him, he plays at them and makes things happen with them and that is what makes him a great leader. He shares his insights into failure and tells us how he failed very often in his life and that has been “good luck” for him, he tells us, “failure makes us humble” and rightly so!

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Vivek Dhawan joined Mega Lifesciences (then called Medicap) in 1986. For almost three decades, he has led the company’s growth, resulting in its position as one of Thailand’s most successful producers of high-quality nutraceuticals, prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines. From just ten employees in 1986, to 5,000 today, a key to Mega’s success under Vivek’s leadership has been its focus on servicing fast-growing, developing markets. The company’s branded products are now sold in 33 countries around the globe.

By the 1990s, Mega became one of the largest soft gel capsule manufacturers in Southeast Asia, with the majority of the company’s products bound for export markets including Australia, the UK and other European countries. Vivek then saw an opportunity in 1994 to develop, manufacture and market own brands of world class nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products sold under division of Mega We Care to become one the leading players in Southeast Asia.  In 1995, the vision caused expansion of Mega’s business into distribution in Indochina, the company’s Maxxcare division was established, and now offers a vast network of warehouses, delivery, supply chain and other services to serve the emerging needs of consumers in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Under Vivek’s leadership, the Mega team is united under the company’s mission: We Care for Human Wellness. This is achieved through excelling in several key areas; the unwavering pursuit of quality, a commitment to new product development, creating new markets, and people.

Fluent in Thai and English, Vivek graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India, and an MBA from Southern Illinois University, US. He lives in Bangkok with his wife and children.

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