In this brand new episode brought to you by TBCY, Ashutosh Garg converses with Tanvi Gandhi, the Founder of ‘Usher Arts and Entertainment.’ Tanvi is an award-winning Independent Film Producer who has worked with Yash Raj Films.

Tanvi explains how a trip to Europe in her teenage changed her perspective of life. Not many women become film producers, but Tanvi became one. She tells what inspired her to chase her dream, how she managed to produce great box office hits, and how the system of production works.

What exactly is the role of a producer in a movie project? How to prepare to become a producer? What makes a movie successful? – Tanvi gives answers to certain confusing enigmas related to film production. In the section that follows, Tanvi interprets success in her own terms and talks about her sources of inspiration.

Tune in to listen to her incredible journey!

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