This Entrepreneur has led 70+ Countries in Business and Marketing Projects! | Naresh Sethi

The Brand Called You brings a new episode of motivation and empowerment with Naresh Sethi. Naresh is the Chairman of VST Industries India. He is a Special Advisor to SalesForce. Naresh is the only Indian/Asian to be a member of the Executive Board of British American Tobacco. He was the CEO and  President of BAT Japan. Naresh is a champion in business and digital transformation and has led over 70 countries as a marketing director or CEO.

Multifaceted is the right word! Naresh has worked on a broad spectrum of business opportunities and has covered a large number of countries and continents in doing so. In this interview with Asutosh Garg, Naresh shares his professional journey and gives insightful opinions on several topics. He begins by sharing the three key milestones of his life. He talks about his education and his decision to stay back and work in India. Being supremely fascinated by digital transformation, Naresh talks about the changes that digitization has brought about in the business industry.

He shares enjoyable examples and anecdotes and talks passionately about his work and the experiences gained on this journey. There is also a great deal of discussion around working with millennials and Gen Z’s and how they’re changing the business ways.

Naresh shares his ‘pyramid’ mantra and advises youngsters to be open to opportunities and gain endless experiences!

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