Pushpa Bhatt, Practicing Weight Loss Nutritionist & Owner, L’oreal Professional Salon

Pushpa Bhatt, Practicing Weight Loss Nutritionist & Owner, L’oreal Professional Salon

Pushpa Bhatt is a marathon runner, fitness influencer, nutritionist, and entrepreneur.



In another inspiring episode of The Brand Called You we bring you an entrepreneur, ex-professional, marathon runner, medical nutritionist, all at the age of 65! Pushpa Bhatt is a professional turned entrepreneur. She owns a L’oreal Professional Salon. Pushpa started running marathons at the age of 47 and she has not stopped running since. She takes us through her running journey, from running marathons in New York, Berlin, and Ladakh, Pushpa has done what most youngsters are afraid to do. 

Pushpa takes us through the process of preparation before a marathon and tells us about half marathons, full marathons, and ultra-marathons. She is now an Ultra Marathon runner and she remarks that running makes her complete, and it makes her feel alive. She tells us about the rigorous training she has to go through, from running 10-20 kilometers each day, to speed training, and heels training. 

Pushpa is also a trained medical nutritionist and she answers all our basic queries on food and diets. She explains that a medical nutritionist is someone that prescribes diets looking at the medical condition of that person. She tells us about functional foods that are added to our diets like methi, chia seeds, turmeric, ginger, that supplement our regular diet. She is also trained in weight loss management nutrition and keto training.

Tune in to listen to Pushpa’s extraordinary journey!


Bachelor of Arts, Elphinstone College

Masters of Administrative Management, NMIMS

Certification from American College of Sports Medicine in Nutrition Foundation and Weight Loss Management, Sept 2021. 

Studying  Medical Nutrition, currently.

Learned cycling at 60.

Traveled to 23 countries.

Last Job: Maersk India as a Senior Human Resources Manager till 2007

Certification from American College of Sports Medicine

Own a L’oreal Professional Salon since 2007

Practicing Weight Loss Nutritionist


Started running in 2003 but seriously since 2014.

I have run countless half marathons, 10 full marathons (including Ladakh, New York, and Berlin), and 4 Ultra marathons (including 72 km Khardungla Ultra)

4 consecutive  podiums  (age category) iSatara Hill Half marathon

4 podiums (age category) Tata Mumbai Marathon.

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