Sameer Gupta, Co-Founder, Haldivita (Turmeric) & CFO HCL; EVP, Infoline

Sameer Gupta, Co-Founder, Haldivita (Turmeric) & CFO HCL; EVP, Infoline

CA with over three decades of Global experience in Managing Organizations, Business Development & Financial Operations.  



Ayurveda has been a big part of Indian culture and tradition for ages and it is still trusted today despite the advent of modern science. One ingredient Ayurveda vouches for is Haldi(turmeric), today The Brand Called You brings you an entrepreneur who is making ayurvedic products from Haldi which helps cure many diseases, and is also a great ingredient to add to your daily diet. Sameer Gupta is the Co-founder of Haldivita. He has had a professional experience of 35 years before stepping into entrepreneurial shoes. Sameer started Haldivita after witnessing the benefits of Haldi in his own life, he was able to cure his diabetes of one simple ingredient and he wished to share it with the community. On the podcast, he explains the importance of this ingredient, Haldi in detail for our viewers and shares what Haldivita is about.  Haldivita cultivates its own special Haldi called the “Swarna” Haldi whose seed is hard to find. This Haldi contains 8-9% of curcumin(the beneficial element of Haldi), as opposed to the brands available in the market which contain only 1-2% of curcumin. Sameer talks about other ingredients they are going to include in their products like ashwagandha, giloy, for added benefits. He shares the research process of these ingredients. Sameer has mentored hundreds of startups and he shares his knowledge on the same with us. He talks about the mistakes made by a lot of startup entrepreneurs. He also shares his views on scaling up businesses. Sameer also shares the advantages of having a co-founder who will complement the other founder. He tells us the importance of having a mentor in your business. Lastly, he advises young entrepreneurs to believe in what they’re doing.


CA with over three decades of Global experience in Managing Organizations, Business Development & Financial Operations. CROSS-BORDER ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND STARTUP ECOSYSTEM. Working closely with businesses entities and Startup eco-system and help them define business goals, develop financial models and growth strategies. Assist entities to grow their business geographically.

Help them in formulating Global market strategy and provide market access support, international investor connects, and legal help to establish and run the entity. Mentor enterprises including SME and startups, to successfully build their business. Help organize, valuable events where startups and those in the startup ecosystem can meet, interact, develop relationships and help each other. Help startups grow through our strong community of outreach partners consisting of Startup ecosystem, VC & investors, co-working places, accelerators, educational and research institutes, and corporate to build a strong Brand.

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