Ravikiran Annaswamy, Co Founder & CEO, Numocity Technologies

Ravikiran Annaswamy, Co Founder & CEO, Numocity Technologies

Ravikiran Annaswamy, Co-Founder & CEO, Numocity Technologies

Ravikiran Annaswamy is the Co-founder and CEO of Numocity Technologies.  



“In my corporate life, I always knew what success was. Everything I did was successful!”

Technology is an indispensable tool in the basic entrepreneurial kit. Tech entrepreneurs have given this world a lot of ‘ride or die’ products and apps! The Brand Called You welcomes a one-of-a-kind tech entrepreneur on the podcast today. Ravikiran Annaswamy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Numosity Technologies. Ravikiran is passionate about clean mobility and has been the CoFounder of the Deccan Institute of Design. He is the Co-Director of the Founders Institute and has spent his early career with Nokia.

In this very interesting discussion with host Ashutosh Garg, Ravikiran talks about the electromobility industry and his own venture which is a vital part of it. He shares the stance of India with respect to electric vehicles and the challenges the industry usually faces. He also throws light on why Tesla is highly demanded around the world. Ravikiran believes that the pandemic has slowed down the process of the industry getting properly established in the country but also believes that it will come to speed soon. He throws light on the need for clean energy and the role of the government in enforcing the same.

About Numosity Technologies:

Numosity Technologies is a digital tech company focused on the market of electric mobility. In the modern age of technology with giant companies like Tesla in the lead, electric vehicles are soon going to be all the rage in India as well! Founder of Numosity Technologies, Ravikiran segregates the electric mobility industry into four relevant layers: 

Automobile, Power, Telecom, and Digital. And Numosity Technologies plays its role in providing the consumers with the fourth layer ie- Digitisation & Connectivity. It is a digital platform that works towards connecting all these entities- creating a workflow.

Tune in to the full episode to know about electric vehicles and why they are the need of the hour!


Ravikiran Annaswamy is the Co-founder and CEO of Numocity Technologies. He is very passionate about clean mobility and works towards accelerating Electric Mobility in India and the world market. He champions new business models like Energy as a service, enabled with IOT, Analytics, and Deep Learning. He has over 26 years of experience; as an Entrepreneur and as a business leader at Nokia Siemens Networks and Siemens AG. He was instrumental in launching and scaling, frugal and innovative solutions like Mobile Prepaid, Data Charging, and various VAS solutions in India and global markets. He championed Intrapreneurship as the Innovation head for the Bangalore site of Nokia Siemens Networks. He is a serial entrepreneur and passionate to incubate new Startups. He was the Co-founder of Deccan Institute of Innovation and Design, Co-Director at Founder Institute (Fi.com) Bangalore, mentor at NUMA Bangalore, and coach for many early-stage start-ups. He is also a Charter member of TiE Bangalore He is currently a global board member and Vice President of Membership and Marketing for IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society. He has done his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and has graduated from UVCE Bangalore (University of Visveswaraya College of Engineering).

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