Mark Sadovnick, Partner Chief Human Element Officer, 5th Element Group

Mark Sadovnick, Partner Chief Human Element Officer, 5th Element Group

Mark is a Partner at 5th Element Group, he has the unique title of 5th Element Partner/ Chief Human Element Officer.  



Mark Sadovnick is the Chief Human Element Officer at his organization The 5th Element Group. He has been recognized by Business Week as one of the 150 most influential headhunters in the world. He has had the opportunity to work with many big corporations like Deloitte, Jaycees International,  and two search firms, boutique and global. Mark is changing the corporate world one hire at a time. With his unique search firm, Mark and his partners are aligning individuals with their dream jobs that take care of their financial, physical, and mental wellbeing, and also the global sustainable development goals. 

About The 5th Element Group

The 5th Element Group is a global impact consultancy and it is based on the trademark “leaders who care.” It is all about leaders who can make good money and at the same time do good for the community. It brings the human element into the business world, by adding impact for good with business elements like advising and strategizing. 

Mark on Gender Balance 

Things are looking better for gender balance in the whole world with the help of conscious leadership, but there are still some gaps that need to be filled. Mark answers our questions of gender diversity and shares his opinion on how far are we to get to a state of balance. According to Mark, we are still far away from being an equal society.

“We don’t want to lower the bar so we can hire someone else that is absolutely disgraceful because it’s like saying that they’re only as good as you know, the lower bar. Whether you’re a woman or you’re a man, or a woman or a man of color, you have to lower the bar to be able to hire them, that’s ridiculous. It’s like someone who’s not happy and instead of striving for more, decides I’m gonna make someone else’s life miserable because I can’t go ahead so I’m gonna make you know, misery loves company type of deal. So specifically to the gender part, number one, every single search we do is a full intent for diversity. To present people we talk to our candidates a lot about this and we find all the time nobody wants to be hired because they’re a woman or because they’re African-American, or whatever. They want to be hired for, you know, being good.”

Tune in to this episode and learn how search firms work, how to get noticed by one, and how Mark is shaping the world for future professionals.

“Brilliance is simple.”


Mark has the unique title of 5th Element Partner/ Chief Human Element Officer. 

By engaging with Leaders Who Care®, he is able to best represent our clients to attract, develop and retain the very best, ‘right fit, culture add talent, who are selectively seeking to only join leaders who do care about their financial, physical, and mental wellbeing, and the global sustainable development goals.

Quoting Maya Angelou often,” people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Recognized by Business Week as one of 150 most influential headhunters in the world, Mark gained business and international awareness and relationships, from his experiences with Deloitte, Jaycees International,  and two search firms, boutique and global.

Mark was the only executive search consultant invited to the United Nations to celebrate International Women’s Day and be a Founding Signatory to the “Decade of Women” in 2018.

Mark has worked with many large and middle-market companies, as well as start-ups, advising what it takes to be recognized as a preferred employer and how innovative recruitment of exceptional individuals, will impact their financial results as well as the organization’s reputation and brand.       ‘Right Fit’ does not mean the same, yet rather and more so, to be ‘Culture Add’.

Mark has had hundreds of video interviews with executives and now continues his authentic conversations on the Leaders Who Care® channel. He proactively introduces and recommends clients and strategic partners to each other, for the mutual benefit of all their resources, a clear omniwin. With extensive cross-industry, international experience, and relationships, he recognizes the value of understanding and respecting cultural diversity, and most importantly inclusion and women leadership, and the impact on people and business. “It’s all about people, inclusion and trust, to win some championships and always have consistent winning seasons.”

Mark sits on the Boards of World Trade Center Los Angeles,  Athena International, Million Peacemakers (“Nonflict”), World Language Communications, and VerdeXchange Institute. He has been involved in many sports & entertainment projects, including SportsFund, and owning professional cycling and roller hockey teams. He is a CPA, graduating from McGill University in Montreal. is most proud of his three sons, and when given a chance, will certainly tell you about them.

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