Bhavesh Talreja, Founder, Globale Media

Bhavesh Talreja, Founder, Globale Media

Bhavesh is the Founder of Globale Media, a mobile ad-tech startup. Bhavesh is a media guru from Dubai.  



“There will never be a perfect time to start something”

The Brand Called You welcomes Bhavesh Talreja on the podcast today. Bhavesh is the Founder of Globale Media, a mobile ad-tech startup. Bhavesh is a media guru from Dubai.

In this conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Bhavesh shares his professional journey in the media field and the modern-day changes that the industry is facing. Working in the advertising industry for quite some years now, Bhavesh talks about the changes that technology has brought about in the field. He also highlights how traditional advertising agencies are dealing with these modern changes. He explains how switching to mobile media and tech is of growing relevance for the users as well as advertisers. As social media is becoming one of the most highly used marketing tools, Bhavesh goes through the impact that social media has had on advertising. Bhavesh believes that it is very important for businesses to have an evident presence on social media platforms as it is a highly preferred information source for most people. 

His advice to the youngsters starting out their journeys is to “go for it!” He strongly suggests that one shouldn’t wait for the right time but grab the moment and make it right! 

About Globale Media:

Globale Media led by Bhavesh Talreja is a creative ad platform that helps marketers gain traction on their apps. Globale focuses on mobile advertising and digital marketing for vertices like lifestyle, e-commerce, gaming, education, entertainment, etc. It works to get the right users at the right time by using artificial intelligence based on user activity.


Creating a Mobile Ad-tech Start-up: How Bhavesh Talreja’s keen intuition helped him start a company that is the leading AI-Driven Mobile Advertising Platform in India, Asia, and Middle East Markets

Born in business with a spirit to start on his own: When describing himself, Bhavesh Talreja mentions he had a ‘startuper’ mindset from the get-go. He knew he wanted to start something on his own ever since he was young. Keen to learn computer science, Bhavesh took to it but wasn’t sure what or where his interest would lead him. Growing up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat he was accustomed to the world of business and finance where conversations about entrepreneurship and management were a normal feature at the family dinner table, with his father and elder brother. With these family teachings from a young age, Bhavesh wanted to see where his interest in data and computers would take him.

Identifying the need: Bhavesh’s pursuit of learning took him to Germany to gain a Master’s in Science from the University of Paderborn. At the time, digital growth was a conversation that began to take shape in India and the world. Digital enhancement, advancements in Smartphones, Internet/Telecom networks springing up saw the birth of new age mediums for marketing and advertising. Seeking to know more about the potential of tech in advertising, Bhavesh got the opportunity to work with Applift, a leading ad-tech start-up headquartered in Berlin, Germany in 2014. With a role in the operation department followed by the account management team, Bhavesh learned the ins and outs of AI in advertising, the growth of mobile as a revolutionary medium for advertisers, and the rise of apps in every vertical. Handling the marketing spends of some of the biggest mobile apps in the world, his interest peaked when he noticed the promise of starting a mobile advertising tech company in South Asia, especially in India. Compared to the rest of the world, India began to grow into a booming mobile market, with lower data rates and soon the data revolution created far greater rural penetration than ever before. A whole new demographic of the population went online for the first time and there was a massive opportunity to help advertisers reach these new users effectively.  Taking notice of how this impending growth in the digital space, a ‘Lightbulb’ moment of sorts for Bhavesh occurred where he decided to actualize his lifelong entrepreneurship dream into reality.

Taking the plunge at 27 with Globale Media: Realizing that he can lead to bridge the gap between the advertiser and publisher delivering higher ROI and transparency, Bhavesh left his job in 2016 and began to form his first-ever venture on his own. Starting in Singapore, he named the start-up Globale Media and began to focus on gaining e-commerce clients. With a USP of an AI-driven Mobile Advertising platform that is dedicated to helping advertisers with user acquisitions, Globale Media soon got some of the top e-commerce companies as clients. In the very same year, India had surpassed the US with the highest number of active mobile users in the world, paving the way for the ad-tech boom in the country. Seizing this wave, he started offices in India and UAE after gaining clients across sectors like E-commerce, hospitality, pharma, healthcare, content, and news aggregator, and more.

Defying the odds with a steady rise from the start: Since inception, the aim was to maximize revenue rather than focusing on profitability. A CEO who always wanted to create something novel, Bhavesh learned the nuances of the mobile ad-tech space and now four years later, the company even in a pandemic continues to perform better and better. In 2018-2019, Globale Media saw revenue growth of approximately 80%, 15% the following year, and a whopping 500% jump in 2020-2021. The skyrocketing interest in digital advertising in India has allowed Globale Media to expand its expertise, proving the very best to their advertisers around the world with proprietary offerings such as Keyboard Search Ads, 0% Fraud rates, and more.

Nowhere to grow but Up: Under Bhavesh’s leadership in the span of four years, Globale Media has 5 offices (Dubai, Singapore, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi), connections with major agencies, and is trusted by the biggest tech and app giants in the world. The platform has carved a niche for itself in the ad-tech space and the advertising sector as a whole. Leading the wave in the mobile advertising industry, Globale Media is amongst the capstone Indian ad-tech start-ups. With 2020 seeing spends of 240 Billion US Dollars in Mobile advertising spends globally, the future looks certainly bright and bigger for Globale Media as more advertisers continue to look at seizing 100% app traffic with the best ROIs.

With Globale Media being recognized as the ‘Top 10 AdTech Start-ups of 2019’ and a member of Forbes Business Council, Bhavesh is redefining innovation in the mobile advertising industry.

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