Rehan Yar Khan, Founder and Managing Partner, Orios Venture Partners

Rehan Yar Khan is the Founder & Managing Partner of Orios Venture Partners, one of India’s earliest technology VC funds.  



With an abundance of articles floating around on the internet on how to be a startup entrepreneur, one must question if they are learning from a reliable source. The Brand Called You brings you stories and experiences of such entrepreneurs who have been on the battleground for years and made a name for themselves by sheer hard work. Today we bring you a venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur, Rehan Yar Khan who shares his story with us.

Rehan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Orios Venture Partners, India’s earliest technology VC funds. Orios has successfully invested in Country Delight, GoMechanic, PharmEasy, Beato, and Krishify. A tech entrepreneur himself, Rehan founded his first startup right out of college. He has built 3 companies and written a book on luck, Make Your Own Luck. An alumnus of St. Xaviers Mumbai, Rehan is deeply committed to building unique startups that are changing the world.

Rehan answers our questions on investments and investing. He shares the key metrics he looks at before investing in a company. Rehan has helped startups grow for over 12 years now and he shares his insights on startups with us. The first and foremost advice he gives to startups is to strive for uniqueness rather than better. “The world doesn’t value better, the world values different.” He answers our questions on basic mistakes made by startup entrepreneurs and the right time to scale up ones’ startup.

Tune into this conversation and learn everything you need to know about starting up your own business.

“Luck is a result of conscious, deliberate, smart choices that you make and is not just you know because god likes you or doesn’t like you.”


Rehan Yar Khan is the Founder & Managing Partner of Orios Venture Partners, one of India’s earliest technology VC funds. Orios’ portfolio includes Country Delight, GoMechanic, PharmEasy, Beato, and Krishify. Rehan previously led 1st round investments in OlaCabs & Druva. 

Rehan has been a founder since 1992 building 3 companies, 2 of them in tech; and was also closely involved in the establishment of Indian Angel Network’s Mumbai Chapter. He is an active supporter of entrepreneurship development in India as a TiE Charter and policy development as Co-Chair of IVCA’s VC Council. 

He is the co-author of Make Your Own Luck, a book that encourages people in startups, careers, and life.

He has studied Political Science and Economics at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

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