Sambit Chakraborty, Independent Management Consultant

Sambit Chakraborty

Sambit Chakraborty, Independent Management Consultant

In over 24+ years, worked and consulted in various industries, domains and geographies.



In today’s episode of ‘The Brand Called You’ we have with us an Independent Management Consultant, Coach and Supply Chain Guru – Sambit Chakraborty. After finishing his studies from University, he joined a consulting company in the U.S

Enjoying his time in sales, Mr. Chakraborty has consulted various companies in the 90s.  He enlightens us with the concept of an outcome driven company based on behavioural pattern. 

Mr. Chakraborty focuses on working with companies to multiply sales and manage resources. Unlike other startups and companies, the companies he works with have grown up to 40% even in the pandemic situation. He reveals that the secret of this unstoppable growth is  the breaking down of outcomes into groups based on predictability and influenceability.

He also throws light upon the changes that have taken place in supply chains over the years and how it has revolutionized the entire supply chain ethos. He believes that though India is a fast growing country, there are a lot of areas like legal and executional frameworks that need improvisation.

” We in India, need the government and the law makers to move with agility and speed”


In over 24+ years, worked and consulted in various industries, domains and geographies. Have been responsible for company turnarounds, owning P&L, sales & profit multiplication, strategy formulation and execution, board level engagement, mergers & acquisitions, complex project management, market research and competitive analysis, new product development, and introduction, greenfield and brown field projects, leadership development and coaching, performance & process enhancement, corporate storytelling, business and operations strategy, set-up/managed multi geography, large teams, carried out extensive supply chain planning and management and digital & web marketing analytics and strategy. Worked in USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & India.

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