Pradip Baijal, Former Chm. TRAI and Author, Containing the China Onslaught

Pradip Baijal is an IAS officer who retired as the Chief of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.



“Corporations do not act according to the interest of the nation they mostly act according to the interests of the shareholders”

In yet another conversation with Mr. Pradip Baijal, former chairman of TRAI and author of the book ‘Containing the China Onslaught’ we are taken into a gripping discussion about China and its global status.  He enlightens us about the partnership of China and America with respect to democracy. 

Talking about the current status of the pandemic , Mr. Baijal responds to the normalisation of the lockdown in China. He also comments about the genuinity of the virus. And voices his concern about the casual comments by the Chinese President.

Mr. Baijal talks about the position of America against China since Trump’s open rivalry. He believes that to make premature judgement is unwise and that there will be clarity only after the November presidential election. 

We are also enlightened about the position of our own country with respect to Article 370 in Kashmir  and the changes in people’s views regarding the same.

Being the knowledgeable person he is, his views are insightful and fact checked!


Pradip Baijal is an IAS officer who retired as the Chief of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. He has held several administrative offices in the Ministry of Finance and Industries at the state level. However, he is most famous for his role as the Disinvestment secretary in 1999. He was involved in the disinvestment of various Government Companies such as BP, VSNL, Maruti etc. He is credited for the sale of Maruti which resulted in a Rs. 1000 crore control premium for the Government. 

Baijal, in his timely book ‘Containing the China Onslaught’, uncovers various truths about China and its efforts at global dominance. He stresses on the importance of incumbent countries putting up a united front against China. 

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