Sanjay Razdan, MD, Omnicom Balfour Beatty

Sanjay Razdan, MD, Omnicom Balfour Beatty

Sanjay is the Managing Director of Omnicom Balfour Beatty, a Company that provides predictive maintenance and data analytics of infrastructure mainly for transportation.



We welcome a senior professional from the UK, Sanjay Razdan. Sanjay is the Managing Director of Omnicom Balfour Beatty, a Company that provides predictive maintenance and data analytics of infrastructure mainly for transportation. Formerly he was the President of Global Services at DYWIDAG and has worked with a number of tech companies.

In conversation with host Ashutosh Garg, Sanjay talks about his business and the infrastructure industry. The infrastructure industry has digitized over the years and Omnicom Balfour Beatty provides just the right technology with the help of data analytics in order to maintain preventive maintenance. Sanjay talks about the role of technology in the infrastructure industry and the challenges faced in the business.

Tune in to know about the work Sanjay does and to learn how technology-driven businesses are transforming the infrastructure industry. 

About Omnicom Balfour Beatty:

Omnicom Balfour Beatty is a UK-based infrastructure maintenance provider that functions on data analytics and artificial intelligence. Omnicom Balfour Beatty focuses on transportation ie- rail, road, bridges. It brings technology for measurements of different infrastructural assets so that it is easier for predictive maintenance which in turn promises safety of these infrastructures. The infrastructure industry is steadily increasing the use of such technology in order to prevent safety mishaps and maintain preventive analytics. Omnicom Belfour Beatty is spread out all around the globe. With tracking railroads in the UK to projects in Tokyo, their work is widespread and highly adaptive. Sanjay informs that since the brand relies on technology and is not prone to human error, it creates consistency of data which in turn creates consistency of detecting issues. And hence, this allows safety measures and reduced accidents.


Sanjay Razdan

Managing Director, Omnicom Balfour Beatty (OBB)

OBB technology business unit of Balfour Beatty provides predictive maintenance and data analytics in an infrastructure sector for mainly transportation i.e. rail, road, bridges and civil structures. Key benefits of predictive maintenance are: 

  • Optimize infrastructure investment; 
  • Deliver better performance at a lower cost; 
  • A unified approach to optimizing infrastructure maintenance spend.

Before joining Omnicom Balfour Beatty, Sanjay’s last role was President Global Services DYWIDAG-Systems International, a multinational with innovative products and systems for predictive maintenance in the civil construction industry.

Sanjay has worked in a number of multinational technology companies like QinetiQ Plc. U.K., Honeywell Inc. USA, Schneider (Invensys Plc.) U.K. and Delarue Plc. U.K. serving a diverse portfolio of international customers in the industrial and infrastructure sectors.  Sanjay also, worked for a start-up web-based monitoring technology company, Tridium Inc., now a part of Honeywell Inc. Sanjay has actively grown businesses internationally and or set up competitive manufacturing and or service hubs i.e. in the USA, Russia, U.K., Netherlands, Japan, China, India, Brazil, and South Africa. Sanjay is an avid supporter and contributor to scaling up businesses, leadership development, and strategy execution of a number of corporate and technology start-up companies internationally. Sanjay has lived and worked in a number of countries like India, Russia, the United States, Canada, and now in the United Kingdom.  In addition to English, Sanjay speaks Hindi, Kashmiri, and Russian languages. A Harvard Business School alumnus with a Master’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Engineering Electronics degree. Sanjay holds dual citizenship in the United Kingdom and Canada. Sanjay also holds permanent residency in India.

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