Satinder Kapur, Lead Partner, Satinder Associates and Partner, United Advocates (UAE)

Satinder Kapoor is one of the most illustrious and multi-faceted individuals that we have come across. He first did his engineering from IIT D and even got an offer from Phillips Institute of Technology which he declined to join Hindustan Lever. Somewhat dissatisfied with his profile he went on to start his entrepreneurial journey with a start up that dealt primarily with packaging. Seeing the success of his first venture, he decided to scale up and began manufacturing VCR tapes. An unforeseeable change in market preferences and product life cycle left him with a major loss and over 200 court cases filed against him. With the experience he gained while dealing with lawyers and the time he spent in the courts, he went on to pursue a law degree at the age of 39 and is now a prominent lawyer practising in the Supreme Court of India, England and Mauritius. Tune in to gain insights about his major career changes, learnings from mistakes and what kept him going even in the face of great catastrophe. 

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