Stories of Successful Indian Startups- How To Grow a Startup?


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India has become a startup hub in the past few years. The new generation or the generation of millennials are bending all the rules and following their hearts to create more. This age has produced more entrepreneurs than ever before and we are genuinely inspired by their unique choices in life. 

Since startups have become so fashionable, there is no dearth of information available on the internet on “How To Grow a Startup?” but it is crucial that you learn from the experts.

Our podcast brings you experts in their industries and leaders who share their life’s worth of experiences for the viewers. Read this blog to know more about the millennials featured on our podcast who have made it big, their understanding of the market and customers is invaluable. Stay tuned to know more about their amazing journeys!

Matt Chitharanjan- Co-founder “Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters”


India has been known for its tea/chai drinking for decades now. We may be the largest tea drinking community in the world, especially North India. But over the past few years, we have seen an upsurge in coffee drinkers. As the new generation moves to the western ways, they are shifting towards coffee as their daily beverage. 

The Brand Called You hence brings you the co-founder of a popular coffee brand- Blue Tokai, Matt Chitharanjan. Matt talks to us about the coffee culture in India, the process of making coffee- from picking the beans to roasting them, and finally the packaging of his coffee. Matt’s vision is to provide ‘A’ grade coffee for the consumers. Blue Tokai promotes Indian plantations by directly buying the beans from them. The freshly brewed premium coffee with the lovely peacock packaging will give you all the feels! The venture has grown from one café in Delhi to now 21 cafés in Delhi, National Capital Region, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Listen to their journey here. 

Supriya Paul- Co-founder “Josh Talks” 

Another unicorn The Brand Called You has featured is Supriya Paul, the co-founder of insanely popular Josh Talks. Supriya talks to us about the beginning of her career, how she was trained to do a desk job for the rest of her life, but this wasn’t good enough for her and she took a leap into entrepreneurship. 

Supriya has now been recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 Women, Asia. Her dream is to impact not one, but millions of people through her platform and bring the American Dream to India for the small-town people. Her company is now spread in multiple countries, with 9 different languages and 1 Billion+ view! In the interview, Supriya remarks that she wants to “make a stage that gives people the opportunity to dream” and Josh Talks is doing that for every individual out there who is looking for motivation to take the leap as Surpiya did. She talks to us about target audiences, startups, scaling up, and much more. 

Nobody is born an entrepreneur, they try something out, they fail, and hence learn from their mistakes. The Brand Called You brings you entrepreneurs from different industries who share their journeys and challenges for us to learn from them. Tune in and learn from the experts!


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