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Health has become the fastest-growing sector in the world today. Today we have a gym in almost every corner of every street. We have multiple health influencers or coaches all over the internet who guide you on the dos and don’ts of health. Wherever you go health has become a fashionable trend these days. People are growing more and more conscious of what they are consuming, where the food comes from, and how sustainable it is. With a plethora of diets and practices available on the internet, it becomes very hard to choose what is the best for you. 

We celebrated World Health Day on 7th April 2021. On this occasion, The Brand Called You brings you entrepreneurs who are making health accessible for people in this fast-paced world. Read more to find out!

We all have heard about Veganism. It has taken the western world by force and it is slowly capturing the eyes of South Asian countries as well. To elucidate, veganism is the practice of eliminating animal products, be that dairy, meat, leather, fur, from your lifestyle. It advocates against animal cruelty and promotes health by eating clean.

In season one of TBCY, we featured Palak Mehta who shares the benefits of the vegan lifestyle with us. She shares her journey of becoming a vegan herself and now she is promoting it with her company “” Palak emphasizes the need to stop commodifying animals and busts all our myths about the protein requirements of the body. *veganism is a choice. YOU know the best when it comes to what your body needs*

In another episode, we feature Wellness Coach, Preeti Rao and the Founder/CEO of Wellji. Preeti had worked in the fitness industry for several years when she found out that she was unable to perform sirsasana(a yoga posture) and her life has changed since. Her quest to know more about her body and mind took her to an ashram where she had wonderful spiritual experiences. With her organization Wellji, Preeti is trying to impact people’s lives by creating health with the help of changing behavior patterns. She is a trained wellness coach who focuses on the holistic approach by looking at health as both physical and mental health. Find more about her wonderful initiative here>

Can you really reverse diseases by JUST eating right? Our guest in another episode thinks so! Sonal Arora, the Founder of “6meal” shares the essence of becoming healthy with us. With many physiological diseases emerging in people today, we need to prioritize our health and Sonal here tells us how. “If you respect your body, your body respects you,” she remarks while sharing the importance of a well-balanced diet with us. Her company 6meal has helped many people recover from major diseases, like diabetes, only by changing their diet. Portion control is the mantra! Tune in to find out how 6meal is helping people attain health and Sonal’s views on how many parts exercising plays, in one’s health.

Only when you are completely healthy, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your life well. Slowly we’ve come to the conclusion that health is THE wealth. Hence it is of utmost importance that you focus on your mental as well as physical health by exercising daily, drinking water, eating right, and meditating. 

Let’s change the equation to Eat (Right)>Sleep (at least 7 hours a day)> Repeat! 

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