Unemployment- Making the Rich, Richer and the Poor, Poorer

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“Change is YOU.”

India is home to a diverse spectrum of individuals. We not only coexist in religious beliefs and cultures but also in different socioeconomic statuses. The growing pattern of – “making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer is leading to higher levels of unemployment and adversity for the middle and lower class sections of society. Unjust use of privilege has divided global societies right from the beginning of mankind. Comfort and facilities are handed effortlessly to a lot of people. But to the others, these very facilities are privileges they never get to experience their entire lives. While 3 meals per day are easily accessible to people like you and me, there are still people around the world who sleep on empty stomachs each night. Class, caste, and gender divides have led to elevated levels of underprivileged communities all over the world. 

The Brand Called You features several individuals who have gone out of their way to make their contributions to such communities. 

Vanessa D’Souza, a banker turned social entrepreneur is the CEO of SNEHA- an organization for nutrition, education, and health. Her team works towards the betterment of people belonging to various age groups and genders. She works with adolescents, women, children, etc. And makes an attempt to combat the issues of malnutrition, gender violence, anemia, at-risk cancer patients, and protection against violence towards women and children. Her main goal is to reach out to these people and push them to fight these challenges with strategic planning and groundwork!

“At the end of the day, you do want to have a life that is rich in multiple experiences”

A difficult life with very few opportunities often leads young individuals to make rash and even harmful decisions. North India displays a very high crime rate. Unemployment and improper or incomplete education play a very vital role in these statistics. 

Ujala Choudhary, a social sector visionary with her foundation Navjyoti India, aims to prevent crime in the villages of North India with an inclusive approach. They are continuously working on the ground level with hundreds of villages, aiming to find out the root causes of problems such as crime and preventing it through certain programs. 

Once you are really working in the community you cannot work in isolation” 

On our podcast in conversation with Host Ashutosh Garg, Ujala mentioned that they wish to facilitate people with the opportunities so that they don’t tend towards criminal activities and become self-reliant.

Another impactful guest on The Brand Called You was Mr. Rajesh Singhi. A social worker and the Founder of IBTADA Foundation, Rajesh makes it a point to do his bit in making our society a better place! His foundation IBTADA, focuses on women empowerment and girl’s education. He started his organization in the Mewat region of Rajasthan and is slowly scaling in the surrounding regions. Rajesh’s organization faces issues like lack of financial and human resources, but through his relentless work and initiatives, hundreds of women have gained education and good jobs. 

Rajesh believes that his organization is people-centric and stands on the values of offering quality. IBTADA is creating an impact and making slow but consistent changes in society! 

These individuals have not only proved that there is room for change but have also impacted a huge number of lives. While privilege is an indivisible part of our lives, at the end of the day it is on us to make responsible use of it.

The Brand Called You, covers the stories of many such artists, entrepreneurs, social workers, and professionals. Visit The Brand Called You for content on Entrepreneurs and Professionals from a wide spectrum of various backgrounds.


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