Surabhi Talwar, Co-Founder, and CEO, Happy Jars Pvt Ltd

Surabhi is the co-founder and CEO of Happy Jars Pvt Ltd. She’s a marketer and branding expert with over 15 years of work experience across lifestyle brands, FMCG, durables, and fashion.  



Fitness and health have become huge in our country for a decade and this has led to a greater change in our eating habits. Experts believe that almost 70% of your body’s fitness depends on what you eat. Hence, eating right is a huge factor in creating health. Just as we have seen a huge surge in gyms, Peanut Butter has become a hugely demanded product in our country. Big brands have marketed it as a rich source of protein, while that is true, one must question if they are serving you a wholesome product.

Surabhi Talwar, co-founder, and CEO of Happy Jars Pvt Ltd has created a 100% natural peanut butter brand. Before stepping into her entrepreneurial shoes, Surabhi has had 15 years of experience as a brand and marketing expert for firms like Titan Fastrack, Unilever, and more. She talks to The Brand Called You about her journey from being a corporate professional to entrepreneurship, the benefits of peanut butter, branding, storytelling, and more.

About Happy Jars Pvt Ltd

Surabhi founded Happy Jars with her husband. Her aim was to create an honest brand that created 100% natural peanut butter with no added preservatives or artificial oils. They have used branded raw materials to make their products the best in the market. Surabhi talks about how the brand came to be and shares how she created a successful food brand in an already saturated market. 

On Creating a Successful Food Brand

Surabhi has co-founded a successful food brand with utmost trust and transparency with its consumers. She talks about the importance of storytelling in creating a brand. Informing and educating the people about her brand played a major role in the success of Happy Jars. “We wanted to be the brand they remembered.” She talks about the hard work and important decisions that built the brand, from packaging to social media presence. “It is not about being present everywhere because you can be, it is about being present where your customer is, and the customer has now moved to the digital medium.” She remarks on how she manages the digital transformation of business. 

Indians and Peanut Butter 

India is predominantly a butter-consuming country that is made out of milk. We are known for our spicy and rich breakfasts. To make a shift to peanut butter in a matter of years is impossible and Surabhi acknowledges that. Hence she states that she focuses on not changing the existing habits of Indian consumers but adding variety to their breakfast table. Happy Jars has created an almond peanut butter and chili-flavored peanut butter for such purposes. 

Tune in and learn the intricacies of branding and marketing with our guest Surabhi Talwar who shares her journey at The Brand Called You.


Surabhi is the co-founder and CEO of Happy Jars Pvt Ltd. She’s a marketer and branding expert with over 15 years of work experience across lifestyle brands, FMCG, durables, and fashion. Surabhi started her career as an Investment Banker in London. She then chose to go into Advertising & Marketing where she crafted consumer journeys and communication campaigns for Unilever, Titan Fastrack, Wildcraft, and Fabindia among others. Having worked in London, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai, Surabhi brings a range of perspectives to Happy Jars. She is passionate about consumer behaviour, insights and what makes people fall in love with brands. Her forte lies in storytelling and creating value in the minds of buyers for whatever it is that they are being pitched. In 2018 Surabhi joined her husband Vikram and became involved full-time in managing Happy Jars. Together the husband-wife duo is scaling the brand nationally, spreading their love for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

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